Victor Reacts: If it Weren’t for Double Standards.. (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Victor Reacts: If it Weren’t for Double Standards.. (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

The thought that anyone would even consider voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at this point is completely baffling to me.

The Gateway Pundit reports,

Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris met with rapper Fat Joe and others pardoned for marijuana convictions on Friday.

During their discussion, Kamala told the assembled crowd, “No one should have to go to jail for smoking weed.”

This was rich, considering her history. As a prosecutor, Harris oversaw more than 1,900 cannabis related convictions in San Francisco, which was higher than her predecessor.

And, never forget…
Kamala Harris kept hundreds of black men in prison past their release date so she could use these men for $2 a day for cheap California state labor.

Back in February 2019 Jackie Kucinich at the far-left Daily Beast wrote about Kamala Harris’s Attorney General office keeping inmates locked up so the state could use them for cheap labor.

Just like slavers.

Kamala and Joe are too peas in a pod. They are serial liars and must assume that you are too dumb to catch them on their lies.

If it weren’t for double standards these people would have no standards at all. There is simply no lie too extravagant for them. They know that they control the media and will never get “fact checked” or called out so they have been given a free pass to lie to and manipulate the American public as much as they want.

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