Tamara Lich: ‘Here to support’ two remaining Coutts 4 defendants

Tamara Lich: ‘Here to support’ two remaining Coutts 4 defendants

Tamara Lich and Marco Van Huigenbos were in Lethbridge, Alberta, after Wednesday’s pretrial arguments for Chris Carbert and Anthony Olienick, the two remaining defendants of the Coutts Four.

Lich and Van Huigenbos came to Lethbridge to learn about developments in the government’s prosecution of Carbert and Olienick and to express support for the two defendants.

The pre-trial arguments remain under a publication ban, which will be lifted when the jury is selected. Jury selection is expected to begin in the third week of April.

Carbert and Olienick are being charged with conspiring to murder and are accused of specifically targeting RCMP officers. They are also charged with weapons offences and mischief over $5,000.

The charges against the two relate to their involvement with the Coutts protest and blockade of 2022, a demonstration linked to the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, via shared opposition to government edicts, orders and mandates marketed as “public health” measures in response to COVID-19.

Lich and Van Huigenbos told Rebel News they saw no merit in the prosecution of Carbert and Olienick on the basis of conspiracy to murder, and that the Coutts Blockade was a legitimate protest against the government’s restriction of constitutional rights on the basis of “public health” with real to COVID-19.

Lich is currently being charged with mischief, intimidation, obstruction of police, and counselling others to mischief, intimidation, and obstruction of police for her involvement in the 2022 Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Van Huigenbos is currently being charged with mischief over $5,000 for his participation in the Coutts Blockade.

In January, Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley determined the Trudeau Liberals’ invocation of the Emergencies Act, to further empower law enforcement to end the aforementioned protests, was uawful and violative of constitutional rights.

The Coutts protest slowed — and at some points completely blocked — traffic across the Canada-U.S. border at the Coutts-Sweetgrass border crossing linking Alberta and Montana. It preceded Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, which broadened powers of law enforcement to suppress the two demonstrations.

Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin, the two other men of the Coutts Four, accepted plea deals to lesser charges in February after initially being charged with involvement in the alleged conspiracy to commit murder alongside Carbert and Olienick.

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