World War Escalation Being Aggressively Pushed by Putin, Biden and NATO

World War Escalation Being Aggressively Pushed by Putin, Biden and NATO

By Health Ranger Report

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Sonia Pehlivan
Its the end of the world get right with the Lord God the truth will set you Free Jesus Christ is the Truth

The war is being created Hollywood style with video game clips, staged filming, etc. but when you go there you find it is mostly fake.

Putin said he would NOT INVADE Ukraine if they removed NATO from the border, if they didn’t, all bets were off. I don’t think that was a lie.

the famous Steve Cole
The sooner the better, waiting on these psychos to pull the plug is just laughable. Your skit about Venezuela, they’re populous is not armed, so another laughable skit. There are many of us Americans waiting for them to pull the plug, they won’t have a chance to work their evil for more than a few days. After that they will be in jail or dead, is that okay with you Mike?

You have the “BEST” graphics, day after day!

Know the Truth
Mike, I nominated you for the Freedom Award.

After the fiat collapse, and the food rationing; Soylent Green will come to a neighborhood near you. They will allow you to file for your Social Security. Makes it easy for them to track you and set your retirement clock. You might receive a few checks. Eventually you will be shut off, flat lined. Maybe 5G’d

donna armstrong
You need to take time and research the truth of the war the globalists are trying to start for the whole world through Yugoslavia. Russia is NOT the bad guy here wakeup.

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