What’s Goin’ On – In 5 Minutes

What’s Goin’ On – In 5 Minutes

In 1933 the Anglo-American axis backed Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg’s selection of Adolf Hitler as the new Chancellor of Germany.

The plan was to rebuild Germany to balance against the growing power of Russia under Stalin.

England lent two billion gold dollars to Germany; the US lent one billion gold dollars – which was worth about 100 times what the dollar is worth now. England also opened its markets to Germany to strengthen it.

This parallels EXACTLY what the Empire of Lies and rotten Britannia are doing now supporting Ukro Neo-Nazis against Russia.

Nord Stream 2 was the last straw.

The Empire of Lies feared a Germany/Russia/China alliance – where the US would be relegated to the status of an isolated island, losing what was left of its fading control of the planet.

So the CIA ordered the Ukro neo-Nazis to prepare to launch a massive attack on the Donbass – and kill hundreds of thousands of its Russophone population by massive artillery bombardment.

Russian intel picked this up. And Operation Z became inevitable.

The immediate goal of the Empire of Lies was to force Germany to end all its natural resource imports from Russia – thus forcing Germany to remain a permanent US vassal.

The plan worked. Germany is cutting all relations with Russia and is slowly but surely preparing, alongside the Empire, for what might become a HOT – nuclear – war against Russia. Lavrov just had to issue another VERY serious warning.

The Empire of Lies easily gained control of the EU via the German poodle – and now is totally focused on bringing down Russia (“weaken”, in the language of Pentagon weapons peddler Austin and Ziocon Blinkie).

The sanction tsunami will of course backfire – already happening.

And so will the Empire of Lies supreme wet dream: to “weaken” Russia so that it may take back control – as in the Yeltsin years – via corrupt oligarchs, of ALL Russia’s wealth of natural resources. That will ultimately mean control of China – because by land and sea the Americans will control all of China’s natural resource inputs.

The planet was slipping out of the Empire of Lies’ grip. Yet in one fell swoop they are back in the game.

Not so fast though. The only losers, so far, are poodles Germany and the EU.

The Russia-China strategic partnership excels in shadowplay.

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