What JUST Leaked Out of the WEF is TERRIFYING?

What JUST Leaked Out of the WEF is TERRIFYING?

“You probably did not hear is the recent $105,000,000 investment from the World Economic Forum to Canada to implement digital passports on all of its citizens.

So what are they wanting to track?

Not only will it allow them to track your whereabouts and your movements through your phone.


But it will also allow the WEF to compile a profile of political leanings, gun ownership status and so on for every user.

You can skip to the 4:55 mark in this video to hear all about it.

With that information the WEF can influence crafting other mandates and legislation based on those results.

Take it one step further…

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has just announced a $200,000,000 fund to implement the use of digital ID’s.

His primary interest?

The tracking of v@ccine status. Going so far as outlawing any and all travel without a proof of current jabs…”


The World Economic Forum openly admits to manipulating people online. Biden said he refuses to speak with Putin about peace or war and the FBI was busted using $1 million of tax payer money to cover up spying on Donald Trump’s white house. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being donated by the WEF and Bill Gates for digital ID’s to control people and their movements.

Here’s what others had to say:

Gary Whitaker
I think we as American Citizens should start holding our Legislators accountable for all this nonsense and corruption going on. This is getting ridiculous and totally unacceptable. They don’t seem to care because their all greedy and won’t get nothing done unless it profits them.

Margaret Reid
As American citizens we should ask for a itemized statement for every penny of our tax dollars!!!

Davida Donelan
These people are so evil. I just don’t understand why these people are not in prison for crimes against humanity and why we can’t sue these people for everything they got. Lord help us.

Cody Parsons
I enjoy getting my news from you. I feel you give us the facts and stories without a slant to the left or the right. It’s nice just hearing the news without them telling me what to think.
Thanks for doing videos like this!

Naturally Joy
Thank you Stephen for keeping the people informed with unbiased truth!!

Cobi Lee Henry
Almost all the information i found early on that is proven factual is almost impossible to bring up now. So glad i did the research early on. I shared and was mocked by many even loved ones that know I research everything, and shared the links. So sadly deceived.

Elizabeth Mayers
It is so frustrating that our elders and leaders don’t seem to have the ability to get their own egos in check in order to negotiate peace.

Can we trust our government, including the courts? I have been cynical of all of them, for a long time.

Cindy Mandenberg
This is totally insane and I’m scared out of my mind!!!!! No one should have that much power over others lives!!!!!

Kate Peck
It doesn’t matter what kind of personality Trump has. We need to look at what he was doing for our country. We were on our way to becoming completely independent. Biden stopped all that.

Teresa Busico
Digital tracking, is not the FREE country that all of our veterans have fought and died for. What the Heck is going on? It gets more bizarre every day!! We need to hear the truth, and keep our freedom, our freedom of speech, as well. Thank you Stephen for keeping us informed.

Chuck Davis
If I were president Biden, I would step down and call a special election. But in my current situation I am not capable of conducting a productive meeting with anyone especially Putin. Thanks Steven for your report.

Crook Marc
The “Gates” needs to go and get their hearts right with God, because a time is coming when their money just not going to work for them. God is in total control of whatever these evil wicked people are trying to. The rule of man is nearing an end. Believe that.



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