Warning: Facebook Whistleblower Wants Government Control Over Social Media Content

Warning: Facebook Whistleblower Wants Government Control Over Social Media Content

By Ben Swann

Warning: FacebookWhistleblower Wants Government Control Over Social Media Content.

Here’s what others had to say:

Poole Carol
When in history have the ones promoting and enforcing censorship been the good guys,,,,,,,,,,I’ll wait.

Stacy Hall Jurickovich
Why doesn’t congress listen to all the nurse, scientist and Vaers reporting whistleblowers??!

Mike Kanarellis
What a joke. They are trying to play with our minds. Any honest and logical person would agree that Facebook should not be censoring posts. Period.
So to preempt what was coming, they put this person out there as a “whistleblower” to sell us the exact opposite of what was truly happening. And drill the message in us that Facebook needs to censor us more. Except her language is deceptive, she uses the terms protect freedom of speech. Censorship of any kind does not protect freedom of speech.
Its actually very disturbing when governments can control the narrative in such an all encompassing way. Who is left to oversee what they are doing and to keep them in check?

Richard Zhou
She’s probably set up by socialmedia company themselves to enhance more government control over content. The users are adult enough to decide what content to see or not. We don’t need community standard scam

Nicole Williams
Good point about the unclear “ I had friend die from conspiracy theories online.”
No explanation.

Suzanne McGlothlin
We don’t need her advice or the governments control. This was a set up from the beginning.

Becky Peterson-Dhondt
Less government control would be best for all!!

Cindy Thelen Kolp
If I hear the word SAFTY one more time I’m going to scream. Everything is for our SAFTY. How about if we just decide for ourselves and in this case what does SAFTY have anything to do with it. Who do these people think they are. Facebook already removes content that opposes their narrative in politics and other areas. Funny thing about conspiracy theories is you find out later most are true.

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