This Dude Absolutely Obliterated the Narrative

This Dude Absolutely Obliterated the Narrative

By Red Pills & Rabbit Holes

Here’s what others had to say:

Andrew D’Arcy
Well spoken my friend, the truth is coming.

Mary Amos
#save our children. Godspeed Sir.

Amir Wasserman
Great speech!! This guy hit all the important points. Common sense and sanity. That’s it!!

Christina Stengel
I heard on FB an arrival if a father has 3 children and or is 40 and over, THEY ARE TO RECEIVE ANOTHER SHOT! That should tell you something, WAKE UP WORLD! THE END OF DAYS IS HERE!

Grace Madera
They need to urgently review these vaccines and make them more safe and effective against the delta variant and even more importantly they need to ‘treat’ patients early with safe and effective’s not a one size fits all approach..this is negligence!!!!

Agnes Hendry
He’s 100 percent correct these Drs doing this should be sued each and everyone monsters.

Darren Cope
Well sead my brother from a far away land your words are so true and parents it’s time to stand together and protect our children befor we loos them for good.

Sala Radila
My kind of guy, Love and Respect from this End. Please continue to be the voice of the voiceless, prayers coming your way.

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