They’ve Been Hiding This From You for Centuries | David Icke

They’ve Been Hiding This From You for Centuries | David Icke

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I’ve heard this info before and understood it but wasn’t able to explain it easily to others- sharing David’s explanation is key to helping others wake up. Thanks!

Two-stroke Smoke
This the simplest and BEST explanation of the “system” I have heard yet to date.

This man is truly amazing. I can’t stop appreciating his work. Thank you, David!

I walked away from policing after 28 years. In effect, sacked my pension. Because I just couldn’t deal with what I saw as an increasingly unbalanced, unjust system. The more I read, the more I learned, the more I INVESTIGATED the nature of our so called laws, the less I felt able to apply them. Today, listening to David, I finally understand why I always felt like a square peg in a round hole, a fish swimming constantly against the tide. I tried to do battle with the “system” but I was IN that system. Constant battling the powers that be nearly finished me off at the end. But not quite. Before I left I really began to notice a change in the type of people being recruited. They were invariably unthinking, obedient automatons. I’m sure my bosses gave a huge collective sigh of relief when I left. Because people like me were a thorn in their side. They don’t want questions, they don’t want free thinkers. They want obedient soldiers. The change in recruits was a slow insidious change, the kind that’s difficult to see until many years have passed. But it came to pass. The slow creep as David puts it. It is happening everywhere. With hindsight, it began when police checks got into bed with Whitehall for huge yearly bonuses. Once you financially incentify those who are meant to be impartial, you’ve lost policing by the consent of the people and enter into policing by government…..or, in other words, you enter into a fascist state. The “pandemic” sure worked to advance that state. And still, people are blind. But that will change. Slowly that will change.

Still Looking for Truth 2019
Many others have talked about this for the last 10-20 years, but David explains it so well.

Lori Valadez
Thank you for not abandoning us. I’m sorry we didn’t listen. We are listening now! You are a blessing to all humanity! I love you for all you have done.

C Hanna
Thank you for doing this. The law is not on the people’s side, in my experience 😑 It is almost impossible to win here in Sweden where we are fighting to save trees, forrests, endangered species..Even if the law is on our side on paper, our politicans and big business are granted to continue cutting down tree’s in cities and old forrests. It breaks my heart.

THANK YOU! This teaching has been circulating for awhile but unfortunately, people have tended to make it sound so complex that I couldn’t get a foothold into where to start… I understood we are being treated as corporate entities but what can I do about it? This is a great foundation and I look forward to learning and sharing more.

No matter how true this is, it won’t stop them from jailing you or worse. Having this knowledge seems to deepen the torture of knowing absolutely evil degenerates lord over us. God will win.

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