The Most Dangerous Bureaucrat in the History of the Country – Ted Cruz Rips Fauci

The Most Dangerous Bureaucrat in the History of the Country – Ted Cruz Rips Fauci

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somebody step up and prosecute the guy!!

Yeah, what’s this guy have on everyone that he gets au with one of the greatest criminal acts of all times yet nothing comes of it, are we that blind, who pays his salary? The American People Do! We have a not government of by the people for the people, we have a government of government against the people.

Prosecute dr. fraudci! When found guilty Hang him in the public square! Have it on pay-per-view. with the money raised pay all the families that lost loved ones due to his lying and fraud!

This evil world is filled with many false gods. Fauci’s “truth” is often wrong. The blood of thousands of people are on HIS hands. Fauci was against China travel ban, later admitting he was wrong. His early recommendation: “Don’t wear a mask.” He can’t get a projection right and revises them almost daily: “Vaccine at least year away” TO “Vaccine by year’s end”. He denies the effectiveness of HCQs successfully being used around the world to reduce suffering & save lives. Wrong on school lockout. Wrong on wearing multiple masks even after vaccinated. NOW: There is absolute evidence he authorized gain-of-function research and funded the Wuhan lab. He should be indicted as a Mass Murderer.

I’m at the point I trust Subways tuna more than Fauci

That’s a close call but I think fauci killed more people.

Don’t hold your breath people, nothing will happen to that little demon, it’s a two tiered justice system, one example; hillary, the list goes on, they are protected

I know if I was connected to a bioweapon i would be in jail. Obviously He isn’t held to the same laws as us.

Fauci the Fraud is the definition of Criminal Narcissist

Fauci Napoleon Complex Fauci is a perfect example of Napoleon Complex • Some of the characteristics of the Napoleon Complex include domineering social behaviour. These people may be overly aggressive. Such people cannot handle occasional defeats. They may have a constant desire to overcome a problem. • The people suffering from the short man syndrome will go beyond any limits to get anything that they want, even if it is wrong in the first place. Such people may even commit crimes to win or to have something that they desire. • They concentrate more on other’s work rather than their own. Consequently, they indulge themselves too much in other’s works, thus completely forgetting or overlooking their own. • Moreover, such people always keep an eye on their competitors because they do not want to be lower than anyone. Their success is defined by the fact that they are better than anyone they know. • It is a different, harmful behaviour as they feel happy when others fail and sad when other people achieve anything or succeed in something. They find happiness in the loss of others who achieved more than them. • Most of the time, men suffering from this complex view the people around them as their opponents, be it their family, friends, or relatives. They constantly try to do better than everyone they know.

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