The End of Biden and the Coming Breakthrough Events To Restore the Republic

The End of Biden and the Coming Breakthrough Events To Restore the Republic

By Trump News

The insane, fraudulent rushing of the Pfizer vaccine into “full approval” status by the FDA — just announced today — was ordered by the collapsing Biden regime. The purpose of this accelerated approval is to allow Biden’s puppet masters to roll out medical martial law as a means to control the population and suppress the massive uprising that will soon commence against the illegitimate Biden regime.

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Chrystal clear
Correction, the demon-rats will no longer exist after they get taken out for election fraud. Another rightwing party will take their place. And President Tru

Philip Pasco
Another great site for intelligent for with are Freindly government is doing is o Stop the Crime with Deborah Tavares she has also been at it for a good amount of time and explain all the silent weapons that are being used against us worth checking in to

Biden is not rescuing the Americans so he can declare war again against the now heavily armed Taliban when they behead a few on TV. The military industrial complex has to get their cut after 4 years of Trump. All is by design.

Cutting off food supplies will be easier for their Blue Cities.
Why would we take weapons to a protest? I assume we mean peaceful demonstration when our side uses the word.
So Mike doesn’t think America is doomed and we have entered the 7 year Tribulation anymore? OK. He has the right to change his mind and is probably stressed like the rest of us.

mary elizabeth
OMG Mike Adams, you are giving the other side all kinds of ideas on how to torture the citizens. All they have to do is go on your show to listen. Please quit giving them ideas Mike!!

like this new style Mike, you’re still one of the best presenters/talkers on the world wide net, Don’t forget , all Biden has to do is RESIGN.

One man left behind to guard a bridge…….can still make a great difference in the outcome of a battle…..Never surrender!

Please everyone stop referring to this as FDA approval it is not “approved or licensed” see the damn letter by the FDA chief scientist Ms. Hinton dated August 23, 2021 Letter of Authorization expressly states that this is an “extension of the prior authorization” so we are still under the EUA!

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