Situation Update, Oct 4, 2022 – Russia Deploys Doomsday Nuclear Ocean Drones as Global Economic MELTDOWN looms

Situation Update, Oct 4, 2022 – Russia Deploys Doomsday Nuclear Ocean Drones as Global Economic MELTDOWN looms

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

17:00 NATO Warning

35:30 Europe

1:07:05 Finance

1:11:08 Dan from iAllegedly

2:17:00 Other News

– The link between lunar cycles and human emotions

– Russia deploys ultra fast mega-submarine with Posiedon super weapons

– They can detonate offshore, triggering radioactive tsunamis

– Panicked UN begs Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates

– Warns global economic meltdown will ensue unless price controls enacted

– German citizens panic buy electric space heaters all of a sudden

– New York to ban combustion engine vehicles, leading to transport collapse

– North Korea launches Mach 17 ballistic missile aimed at Hawaii

– Gas prices hit record high in California

– Featured interview with Dan from iAllegedly on finance and asset protection

Here’s what others had to say:

Sharon Dewey
You know why all these Left wing politicians are rushing to ban gasoline powered vehicles? NOT because of “global warming” (though they may use that fraudulent excuse), but because GAS-POWERED personal vehicles equals FREEDOM – from control and manipulation by the globalist psychopaths and their New World Order. They want us all leashed to the power and cyber grids with our electric cars which we will never be allowed to use to get anywhere outside their “permitted areas” and their control (IF we are even allowed to own a vehicle – probably will only be allowed to rent). The rush to this end is driven by the schedule of the Great Reset – gotta keep up with that!

No worries, Mike, if at times you say you’ll be taking a day off to refresh and regroup. You can’t help take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first! I know this from being a mother who needed occasional “mommy time” myself. God Bless!

America’s in war even with it’s own people not only the rest of the world.

Jennifer MacDougal
Yes Mike! I was just telling my spouse, I don’t think Adams sleeps, (is he a robot?) I don’t think so, I’ve been listening to you for years and really appreciate the time and effort you put into bringing us these in depth interviews. God Bless you!

You are an American, unlike a vast majority of your compatriots you obviously KNOW what s going on……thank you very much !

Mike I don’t care about how hard it is to follow you and your guests and I’m becoming so much more informed about the world listening to you and in fact more than I have learnt ever before about the world has come from your podcasts.
We need your intellect, trust me, to keep going and don’t stop and keep your incisive and informative updates of world events, health and medical science coming.

Dr. Michael J Terry
Just a hypothetical question with answers for educational purposes only….what if we the people took out the entire Democrat party leadership to stop the war..
Would that prevent Russia from bombing Hawaii or the continental US?

Sharon Brown
I felt this the other day when I went to get gas and shop. The feeling was very strong of something just ready to erupt. This sense was coming from the people around me.

I worked as an architect in Germany in the 80’s and at that time every apartment or house was required by code to have a “Notkamin” an emergency fireplace “notkaminverordnung”. Nothing decorative, just a little box oven that you could heat with in an emergency. They have been there before 😉

Rea TurRee
Mike why not allow ALL that want to give thumbs to do so, regardless if they have subscribed or not. it is always good to know what is on the minds of those that come to Your Channel… Yes, to keep count of how many come to the channel…. I come every day and I am never left without being so informed.

I live in Australia and I have been following you for 2 years now. I thank you for keeping us informed, there will always be hater’s but I pray to God you will keep doing what your doing. We are in the end of times may God have mercy on our souls, tribulation is very near. I hope Jesus deems me worthy

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