Situation Update, Feb 1, 2023 – It’s TOO LATE for NATO to Win the War Against Russia

Situation Update, Feb 1, 2023 – It’s TOO LATE for NATO to Win the War Against Russia

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

1:00 Damar Hamlin

4:44 American Heart Association

22:50 Woke Hollywood

36:40 Most Dangerous Cities

43:33 Main Topic

1:15:15 Economic Headlines

– Damar Hamlin prostitutes himself out to the vaccine pushing American Heart Association

– The AHA is a Big Pharma front group that pushes statin drugs and vaccines

– #Hollywood libtards threaten to STOP making woke movies until everyone gets vaccinated


– Why Hollywood’s movies suck: Filled with WOKE themes and scripted by idiots

– EAT MORE BUGS: Swedish grocery retailer pushes mealworms recipes

– US mobilizing to send THOUSANDS of tanks to Ukraine

– Escalation with Russia will lead to nuclear annihilation of the west

– Medvedev warns NATO countries they will be “turned to dust” if escalation continues

– NATO countries are YEARS behind the curve in industrial output necessary to fight a war

– US and UK forces will be out of ammunition in mere weeks

– Austria and Hungary declare NO weapons for #Ukraine

– US being left defenseless against China, no domestic defense remaining

– Americans making $100K are still living paycheck to paycheck

– Hedge fund manager warns of “mega tinderbox timebomb” crash coming

– Many of the most dangerous cities in the world are located in the USA

– US Treasury says no US funds were misused in Ukraine… seriously

– Colossal gold purchases by central banks, thousands of tons in 2022

– Giant space rock contains trillions of dollars worth of minerals (but so what?)

Here’s what others had to say:

I’m so mean I just made my hubby stop following Jennifer Anniston. I am A little embarrassed for him he loves Hollywood & knowing what “they” are doing. I wish he was familiar with names like Dr.McCullough Dr.Mercola Dr.Ruby etc etc….

John Wong and the Greatest Dep
Damar Hamlin – my theory is his cardiac arrest was faked to calm the public about vaccine hesitancy and flush out the anti-vaxxers…

Rist Rocket
Have found the diet recommended by the AMA medical community and the “food pyramid” from the FDA is a very good guide. Simply do the opposite of their recommendations to have a good chance toward good health.

David Lionheart
Mike, Your story on Hollywood celebrities threatening to boycott Hollywood until everyone gets jabbed and your observations of the depravity of Hollywood TV shows and movies are entirely justified and accurate. However, you fail to identify who owns and controls Hollywood and always have.
This channel teaches 80% truth and skirts the big issue: who owns and rules the world, why and how? Instead, you refer to Ye (Kanye West) as crazy for speaking positively about Adolf Hitler and questioning the holohoax false narrative. Ye is speaking truth and you are concealing the inconvenient truth from your audience here. Why? The love of money is the root of all evil. Is that what ultimately drives you? God is the God of truth. The devil is the father of lies. America has always served the devil. It’s painfully obvious but very unpopular to state the obvious. Ultimately, we all are tested by God as to whether we stand for truth in the face of withering opposition, or whether we cave and go along to get along with evil. Your time has now arrived, Mike. Choose wisely. The consequences are dire for caving. They are horrible beyond words and last forever.

Texas Bill
Where is your empathy and Christian charity for all the people PSYOP’d and brainwashed by experts promoting fear and or coerced to get the shots? Living in central Texas and being Army retiree, it wasn’t difficult to avoid the shots. Many people have family and close relatives who weren’t as fortunate as us!

NATO is nothing more than a corrupt criminal organization run by the globalist cabal and has been for decades. This will not end well for anyone.

Unfortunate that virtually no one has common sense anymore. The global cabal has been on-going for over 100 years. Proof: The FED and income tax were both introduced in 1913 – each one concieved to take away from the people and enrich the elite who have always been involved in pushing war, protecting Big Pharma, Big Tech and have owned the MSM (Mainstream Media) for decades and push nothing but lies and deceit the whole time. The dumbing down has reached a level that will only result in chaos, war and quite possibly the destruction of Earth.

Albert J
As a Senator, Hussein Obama funded the worst of the worst bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Funding experiments to kill Russians across the border by deadly pathogens carried on insects, birds, mammals and by Drones. Think Plum Island and a CIA Operation PaperClip Nazi continuing his Island experiments started in WW II Germany dropping forced gain of function infected ticks out of airplanes. Whoops, Lyme Disease…

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