Satan Asks Democrats To Tone Down All The Evil


Satan Asks Democrats To Tone Down All The Evil

By The Babylon Bee

In a regularly scheduled marketing meeting with Democrats, Satan asks them to tone down all the evil just a little bit.

Here’s what others had to say:

It would have been more accurate, after satan says,” YOU WILL OBEY ME,” they respond, “Check your privilege!”

The most unrealistic thing about this is that a table full of liberals allowed someone who was being critical of them to speak uninterrupted for so long

Trouble with this one is … Liberals don’t think it’s funny and Conservatives don’t think this is a joke!

When Satan is the reasonable one in the room you know you’ve got a problem.
And when he was talking to Pro Palestine the line about “You might be the only person in here that can be as evil as you want to be and get away with it” had me rolling!!
Babylon Bee you nailed this one!

The climate girl looking really similar to Greta was a nice touch.

My body my choice — unless there’s a “vaccine” with somewhere to go.

If “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” was a skit.

As a college student at the University of New Mexico, I’m still trying to figure out how smashing the windows of our cancer research facility helps Palestine.

The Wide Eyed “Excuse Me?” got me while he was speaking to “Free Palestine”. Priceless

The screaming “Donald Trump” when she got mad when he wasn’t part of the conversation was a nice touch. Very realistic.

Ironic, that the Majority of Jewish Americans, support and vote for the Democratic Party!

The worst kind of evil is evil that disguises itself as goodness and preys upon people’s goodness to perpetrate evil.


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