Raising Public Awareness in Order to Bring in Euthanasia Laws

Raising Public Awareness in Order to Bring in Euthanasia Laws

By The Light Paper

Raising public awareness is getting their way of thinking to become our way of thinking. They present all the laws to an antagonistic public member who objects in order to bring in a law. It’s a theatre on the one hand. In history, this goes down that the ‘public did not object’.

Each year governments pass and expand Euthanasia Laws as part of their depopulation program. Eugenics began in London when Charles Galton Darwin wrote in the 1950s on behalf of the Eugenics Society, he said, if we don’t eliminate the inferior, the feable, the mentally unfit, they’ll overtake us by their breeding. The term #Eugenics has been changed to #Bioethics because of the negative connection during WWII. Their aim is to extend Euthanasia Laws to the poor in ‘assisted those who suffering intolerably from suicide. Sounds ridiculous now, but they brainwash society through the media.

Paralysed British men fight the right-to-die case in court

Spain’s lower house approves bill legalising euthanasia

Canada drafted law to allow assisted suicide, and exclude tourists

Belgium extends ‘right-to-die’ to terminally ill children

Dutch Supreme Court expands euthanasia laws for dementia patients

France aims to allow euthanasia despite ethics doubts

Italy government, president clash on right-to-die case

South Africa’s appeals court overturns ruling allowing “assisted dying”

First Australian state passes law permitting euthanasia

New Zealanders to vote in referendum on legalizing euthanasia

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