Putin Delivers Speech on Moral Crisis of Western States

Putin Delivers Speech on Moral Crisis of Western States

By Living Resistance

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Daniel Olson
For a long time i believed the like average idea of Putin. The kind of picture the bs media and most politicians paints saying Putin is a threat. Now i know better and in this speech he’s most definetely spot on. Putin is one of few leaders who isn’t afraid of speaking out against the NWO. Rothshilds calls him a traitor for not embracing NWO.

Unvaccinated Pencilboi
Not a Putin fan really, don’t know much about him… but man oh man, he’s hitting the nail right on the head here.

Traian Coza
Putin is an extremely intelligent statesman, that much I can say about him.

Brian Adams
Sad to say I’ve heard more truth here than from most of my own elected politicians.

He is hero to expose pedophilia !

Mz Premo
When i first seen this a few years ago i was so relieved that finally someone spoke up and admitted what some of us have known for a long time. He became my new role model. A little bit of my faith was restored and now alot of hope i have is becauss of this speech and the one he gave on Dec. 31 2017. God bless him for speaking TRUTH

Renee Polin
I commented on a sight regarding this speech and said that Russia is not the boogie man that the deep state promotes .I stated that Putin was the first world leader to Publicly state that globalist worship satan . I was accused of being a Russian bot and shut down. Its unbelievable the blindness that still exists in our country

Putin is right on the money.

Rory O
This is incredibly accurate about our society

Would have liked to hear the rest of his speech instead of being interrupted by people with poor reading skills…

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