Polls Show Hope For Robert F. Kennedy Junior In Democrat Presidential Primary

Polls Show Hope For Robert F. Kennedy Junior In Democrat Presidential Primary


Is Sleepy Joe waking up yet?

Polls show that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is already asserting himself as a contender in the Democrat presidential primary. And some of the numbers show that Kennedy has a better chance to gain the Democrat nomination than the media is giving him credit for.

Even before he formally announced his candidacy in his family’s Boston stomping grounds, Kennedy already gained the support of 14 percent of Joe Biden’s supporters from 2020, according to USA Today/Suffolk University polling. It’s a sizable number for a new candidate, but other polling shows even better signs for Kennedy.

According to Rasmussen polling, a full 52 percent of Democrats support Robert F. Kennedy Junior’s campaign, making him a formidable opponent in a field in which 62 percent of Democrats want Joe Biden to get a run for his (and Hunter’s) money in the primary.

Kennedy, the outspoken vaccine skeptic, is running for president at a precarious moment in American history, as his own party’s mentally-addled figurehead Joe Biden presides over various economic crises and plunges us into World War 3 in Ukraine. As the son of legendary slain populist Bobby Kennedy and the nephew of slain president John F. Kennedy, RFK Junior could have grifted off his dynastic last name. But instead, he decided to lead the charge against the vaccine agenda.

The trailer for Kennedy’s documentary The Real Anthony Fauci: The Movie features NATIONAL FILE reporter Patrick Howley’s reporting on Dr. Anthony Fauci funding Wuhan Institute of Virology bat coronavirus prior to the outbreak. Arguably no one has fought harder against Fauci’s agenda than Robert F. Kennedy Junior.

However, conservatives should be wary of a Democrat who has strongly criticized the National Rifle Association (NRA), since we know that Democrats want to take away Americans’ guns. And what exactly is Kennedy’s position on the mass migration epidemic that is destroying American cultural cohesion? These are extremely important issues that Kennedy must address with specific policy proposals before considering to vote for him.

Kennedy Junior is definitely establishing himself as an antidote to Joe Biden on the war in Ukraine. On Tucker Carlson Tonight on the night of his presidential announcement, Kennedy sharply attacked the globalist war narrative, making it clear that he intends to set himself apart from the neoliberal warmongers in the Washington Uniparty.

In his announcement speech, Kennedy portrayed himself as a longtime outsider who is finally getting his chance to speak truth to power in the political class, on the biggest stage in politics: a presidential election.

Kennedy’s pointed criticism of President Donald Trump could elevate Kennedy into a better position to get the Democrat nomination, especially considering the fact that Trump was president when America got locked down, and though state governors ultimately did the dirty deed, Trump’s White House certainly supported lockdowns for a while and offered a prime visible role to vaccine shill Dr. Anthony Fauci and his co-conspirator Deborah Birx. Trump also heavily promoted the deadly mRNA Coronavirus injection needles that his administration pushed on the public through Operation Warp Speed.

If one thing is clear, it’s that Kennedy has a devoted audience that wants a champion to take on Big Pharma. And Robert F. Kennedy Junior has undeniably proved himself capable of doing just that.

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