Poll: 64% of Americans Call US a ‘Banana Republic’ in Wake of Trump Persecution

Poll: 64% of Americans Call US a ‘Banana Republic’ in Wake of Trump Persecution


The political persecution he’s facing in Manhattan has only strengthened President Trump, as Americans accuse Dems of turning the country into a ‘banana republic.’

A new Rasmussen Poll reveals that a whopping 64% of Americans believe that the country has been turned into a third-world-style banana republic in the wake of the political persecution of President Trump by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Rather than provide Democrats with the political hay they’ve been hoping for, the attacks on the 45th President have only emboldened his existing supporters and won over new ones, leading Trump to surge massively in recent 2024 polls.

The Rasmussen poll asked its respondents if they agreed with the statement that the persecution of President Trump marks “a really serious time because this is Banana Republic sort of stuff. Using the law as a weapon against a political opponent is so wrong.”

A whopping 64% of those surveyed said they did in fact agree with the statement, with 48% of them, including 69% of Republicans, reporting that they “strongly agree” with it.

Included among the majority of voters who believe that America is entering banana republic territory is a surprising 48% of Democrats, with a 27% slice of Democrats “strongly” agreeing with the statement. Apparently, Democrats and Republicans alike have been off-put by the third-world administration of justice being carried out by Alvin Bragg against President Trump and by a Bragg-related network of dozens more Soros-owned prosecutors who’ve made taking down patriots their mission of the highest order.

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The revelation that a supermajority of Americans believe the country has entered third-world banana republic territory comes as President Trump continues surging in the 2024 presidential polls, spurred on by the political persecution he faces in Manhattan and in other Democrat jurisdictions where authorities are plotting copycat persecution efforts.

According to recent 2024 GOP Presidential Primary polling, President Trump is leading Ron DeSantis by an average margin of 25-30%. In general election polls, he’s beating Joe Biden by roughly 7%, expanding his lead over both men as Americans rally around him.

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