Oregon Legislator Tells Constituents ‘We Will Force Vaxines’ To Work, Eat, Learn, Then Claims It’s a ‘Typo’

Oregon Legislator Tells Constituents ‘We Will Force Vaxines’ To Work, Eat, Learn, Then Claims It’s a ‘Typo’

By USA Tomorrow

Oregon state Rep. Lisa Reynolds, a pediatrician, upset both her constituents and Americans across the country when she informed two people who say they will not accept the COVID-19 vaccine that the government will “force vaccines” on all Americans who wish to eat in restaurants, work inside office buildings, or go to school. Today, she claimed it was a typo.

In a deleted tweet, Reynolds said that one of the controversial vaccines “should be required to eat indoors at a restaurant, to sit in a classroom, to work in person” and added the hashtag “#MandateVaccines.” When she understandably drew ire, she doubled down.

To two different people, potentially her constituents, who declared that they will resist forced vaccination, Reynolds replied “that’s fine, really. We will force vaccines. We will make it a prerequesite, though, for indoor dining, working in the office, and furthering your education.” She copied and pasted the response and offered it to two different critics.

Today, almost a full 24 hours after declaring that the Oregon government would “force vaccines” and make them necessary to engage in normal life, then repeated her claim two more times in responses to Twitter users, she claimed it was all simply a typo.

“Typo yesterday,” asserted Reynolds. “I would not force a vax or any medical treatment on anyone,” she explained, directly contradicting what she wrote three times on the previous day. Then, Reynolds appeared to contradict herself again. “However I do support vax mandates (except for medical exemptions) for health care workers, k12 teachers + staff, university students, etc.”

As National File reported, Joe Biden’s administration is currently operating “with restraint” when it comes to coaxing Americans to receive one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines, according to White House officials per the Associated Press, but will soon ratchet-up its totalitarian “strong-arming from the federal government” in a bid to force the 90 million Americans resisting the vaccines to accept the controversial shots. As Americans become “ready” for “strong-arming” from the Biden regime, the administration has “discussed” options including “mandating vaccines for interstate travel,” effectively stopping vaccine resisters from moving freely throughout the United States.

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