Oliver Stone on Putin, Ukraine, Zelensky, Neo-Nazi and CIA

Oliver Stone on Putin, Ukraine, Zelensky, Neo-Nazi and CIA

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Elizabeth Tillo Lyons
I can’t believe Oliver voted for Biden anyway, much respect…I can’t believe ..Biden? Why…

Sean Butcher
Bang on !!! Oliver Stone hits the mark yet again and tells it as it is !!

Sky Dive
I lost him when he mentioned “maybe Obama” as a statesman…. severe ignorance….

Bradford Home
Of course he voted for Biden. Just because he got this incredible footage and information, he’s still a damn Hollywood director isn’t he? Excellent work though, Mr Stone. Good info

Binah Berman
Huge grain of salt to take it all as true snd accurate, since Stone said he voted for Biden!

Anstasiya Konakh
He says true about Putin he fights for his country Russia!

Kseniia Raietska
He says that snipers shooting civilians is a CIA technique and in the same sentence makes a conclusion that it was done by Ukrainian neo-nazi.
Also, he confidently talks about Ukrainian neo-nazi in power based on his interview with Putin (who is the interested party and the one who promotes this idea to public) and the pro-Russian ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich.
I understand that it’s hard to make truthful conclusions from interview with an interested party, especially if you were not personally present when the history has being written. However, as a Ukrainian who watched all of that from inside, I can declare that all what he said should be divided minimum by three to look at least somehow similar to truth.

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