Message From Rabbanit Morasha of Jerusalem, Dictated in English and Hebrew to Brigitte A

Message From Rabbanit Morasha of Jerusalem, Dictated in English and Hebrew to Brigitte A

By Australian National Review


Rabbanit MORASHA of Jerusalem Message dictated in English and Hebrew to Brigitte A.

Rabbanit Morasha of Jerusalem spoke to me for half an hour and urged me to convey this message to you as a matter of urgency.  She begs you all to follow it to the letter and distribute it in all countries to all your contacts!  His message:

 1. The people of Israel and the whole world are UNCONSCIOUS!  I want you all to understand that vaccines ARE NOT vaccines but EXPERIMENTAL PISCES which are forcibly inoculated into us to REDUCE the world population!  They will be DEADLY for part of the population.  Many died not from covid, but from vaccines which severely weakened their immune defenses!

 2. The 3rd vaccine called “Booster” will do IRREVERSIBLE damage.  Some will become sterile, others will go into coma or die

 3. These vaccines will sterilize people.  If you let your children or babies immunized, you are condemning them to STERILITY or fatal illnesses.  Thousands of children and adults have died, anyone who will get vaccinated or who does not believe my alert will follow in the medium term!  Large laboratories have billions of doses to sell and we are going to be asked for new vaccines ONLY for financial reasons

 4. You must urgently “wash” your body of this poisoning.  Buy pine needles, pound them with cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, eucalyptus and drink liters of these herbal teas to eliminate the poison you have been inoculated

 5. Take my message very seriously, the number of vaccinated dead will increase tenfold if you do not protect yourself urgently!

 6. CATEGORICALLY REFUSE any vaccine that will be imposed on you.  Don’t be the next victim!

 7. Keep your children ALIVE and PROHIBIT all forced vaccinations for your children, regardless of the price to pay and the threats you may be made!

Me Rabbanit, I am not vaccinated at all, I respect the mask and the barrier gestures, and too bad for the access bans and threats.  I organize myself differently.  EVERYBODY must REFUSE!  I’m counting on you ALL!

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