Martin Armstrong – World Renowned Economist Exposes WEF and the Great Reset!

Martin Armstrong – World Renowned Economist Exposes WEF and the Great Reset!

By Mariazeee


Martin Armstrong is a world renowned Economist, having predicted previous financial collapses accurately over the years by analysing history and trends.

In this interview he exposes Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s involvement in the greatest hoax known to mankind (COVID-19), the failure of the Great Reset, and what we should be doing with our money in light of this knowledge.

Here’s what others had to say:

Awesome interview. I think Trump knows exactly what is going on. I think he has sold out.
Thank you Maria. Your an amazing soul.

Another great interview!! Thank you Maria! You’re one of my top alternative media sources. Supporting you from the US.

They are all scum that should be in jail or hanged along with gates, Fauci our government and politicians the list goes on and on.

The best Armstrong interview ever. Great questions and interaction.

Excellent discussion. What is the July 1 deadline you mentioned at the end? Just wondering.

I can accept what Martin says. My problem with Martin is his commentary, to me, does not flow. He always seems to jump from starting to answer questions but then it seems he introduces an aspect that hinges on the subject at hand, but it leads to something else.So it sounds like the question was never answered so you can understand him. I find the products on his website are too expensive for the common individual.

Trump is not stupid as Maria said, Martin doesn’t think he’s on top of things re. the jab?? Trump likes to be on top of most things, why not this? Something else is going on. He knows, and I was totally for him (I’m Canadian) before, but now not so much. Great interview Maria.

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