It’s Political Theatre To Keep You in Fear… They Are Not on Your Team!!!

It’s Political Theatre To Keep You in Fear… They Are Not on Your Team!!!

By Australian National Review

Are you listening yet???

They won’t stop & can’t stop because if they do, they will be held accountable. Instead, they blame everyone else but themselves. Literally with almost no scientific evidence to support their ideology. We are told to trust their experts, who are all on the same payroll!!!

It’s political theatre to keep you in fear… they are not on your team!!!

We warned you it’s not about your health…

We warned you it won’t be 15 days..

We warned you lockdowns don’t work & are more damaging to our health & wellbeing than good..

We warned you about the Plandemic..

We warned you a jab will be mandatory..

We warned you they won’t stop at 1 or 2 & they will demand more jabs..

We warned you about antibody priming..

We warned you about shedding..

We warned you they will impose papers to be able to move, travel, live..

We warned you that the “cure” won’t work or make you immune..

We warned you that this is a trial drug & the reason they require immunity is because of the higher risks..

We warned you about clotting, inflammation, deaths..

We warned you it wouldn’t prevent spread or infection..

We warned you natural immunity is the key to success..

We warned you that it’s just a serious case of the flu..

We warned you that the testing cycles were raised to unwarranted amounts to ensure false positive results..

We warned you about msm funding & manipulation to spread fear..

We warned you about event 201..

We warned you about gates..

We warned you about the new world order & agenda 20 & agenda 2030..

We warned you about the great reset..

We warned you about censorship, programming & lobbying to control the narrative..

We warned you that mask, distancing & other atrocity’s don’t work..

We warned you about China & the leak..

We warned you about the hospitals & dancing doctors..

We warned you about health, spread & self care..

We warned you that it won’t stop at 80% or 90%..

We warned you this doesn’t end when we hit fully waxed..

We warned you about so many things!!!

When will you start to understand that they are manipulating your ability to think logically & divide us to hate one another, ridicule us & judge us.

When in fact, all we are trying to do is state the obvious. We gain nothing from speaking our minds & sharing facts that raise alarming concerns.

Yet still, you choose to ignore us.

How long are you going to continue to bend over & trust a system that is designed to fill their pockets & benefit them, not serve the people.

Many more obvious warnings to come, perhaps one day, you will start to acknowledge that we aint conspiracy theorist.

We are realist, & we speak from the heart & try make logic of the insanity you all appear to ignore or continue to accept as normal.

We spend time educating ourselves, by listening, comparing & questioning things that don’t add up. So should you, it’s only your health, your life, your future & your liberty at stake!!!

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