ISRAEL: Health Ministry encouraging vaccination for adolescents aged 12–15

ISRAEL: Health Ministry encouraging vaccination for adolescents aged 12–15

By Aware in Australia

The goal is 2 doses of vaccine by August to as many teenagers as possible.

NOT to ‘at risk” children.
Recommended for ALL.

The ministry has reportedly set a goal to inoculate as many youths as possible by July 9 with the first vaccine dose, and administer the supplementary booster shot by the end of July.

Reports are surfacing that the new ‘surge’ is appearing in vaccinationed Individuals.

What’s not being reported is:

If this is inclusive of asymptomatic vaccinated persons.


Children under 16, most of whom haven’t been vaccinated, accounted for about half of those infected, he said..

The Covid risks for adolescents are extremely low: 64 Americans aged 12-17 needed ICU care for Covid from Jan-Mar 2021, and ZERO died.

By comparison, about 300 to 400 died in vehicle accidents during the same period.

300+ vehicle deaths vs. 0 Covid deaths.

About three-quarters of the 200 adolescents hospitalized with Covid had an underlying condition, like obesity, chronic lung disease or heart disease.

The risk vs benefit doesn’t add up, even for a staunch believer in the the ‘official data’

The counter argument is:

Higher levels of vaccination coverage can lead to less community transmission, which can protect against development and circulation of emerging variants.


CDC weighed the benefits v risks of vaccinating young adults, found that despite a “likely association” between the wax and issues in young people, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.

What they failed to mention is that 70% of teenagers hospitalized for covid have underlying health issues. Myocarditis from the vax is happening to healthy young men. Risk of covid hospitalization for healthy young men is lower than the risk of myocarditis from the vax.






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