Government Plan To Kill With Bs-19 Vaccine Aired On TV In 2009

Government Plan To Kill With Bs-19 Vaccine Aired On TV In 2009

By MaxResistance

This is 100% Proof that the Covid-19 vaccine is meant to kill all who take it. This aired on Tv in 2009 detailing exactly what is happening now in 2021. It is up to you to share this…Our very lives depend on it. Subscribe to my live shows on YouTube which will be deleted after the show for obvious reasons.



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In groups, is where group-think lives, it is an animal condition in which a group of individuals seek to satisfy the requested command of another Alpha Individual. Imagine: as an ordered force of police is requested to back-up an international medical operation to assist with the vaccinating or detention of certain hesitant individuals in rural & urban settings…. now consider for a sec, what will your local police force’s Chief or Sheriff command of thier officers and deputies? Because they would very likely… follow his or her orders. Groups-think does not allow for any one individual’s own personal hesitancy or concerns… until after a going command has been met. They are well conditioned, if not well trained also. God Bless. Let America and Her freedom be.

2020 it has started!!!! Will “We The People” stopnthis!!!

The ginger rebel
She’s definitely warning us how can what she’s saying not be a warning

Vicious Alien Klown
There’s a reason why Jesse Ventura moved to Baja, Mexico. Everyone who took the vaccine will be dead in 3 yars. Don’t take it but hard times are coming for the survivors.

no one is ever gonna know that these virus’s are real or manufactured because if everyone begins to die from the vaccines, they will just continue to blame it on a “new” or “mutated” virus. no one will question.

j in avl
I remember watching this back then..this show was cancelled abruptly

Since the vaccines are being given in White countries.. you gotta be blind to not see it’s about harming Whites – primarily.
It is a Holocaust.. against White people.
Jewish supremacists are in every seat of power – or are you so blind you can’t see this?
So it’s Jewish supremacists orchestrating genocide against their two millenia old rival – Whitey.
Oh.. but it’s being given in Israel!

Dr. Laibow is still facing an uphill battle with regards to the current pretend game. DOJ and FDA going after her for her alternative medicine approach to the coofflu. She is a brilliant mind amongst complete dullard, crooked quacks. She would make for a great interview with regards to the current shit show going on today.

Many of us knew this for years.That’s why we don’t lobotomize our babies when they are born.You literally destroy your baby’s connection to God when you ‘vaccinate’ them at birthbecause you sacrifice their pineal gland to Moloch.

The WHO is owned by the Demon Bill Gates whose goal is depopulation as he said in his Ted Talk. He also has funded abortions in amounts that are historic.

The sheep 🐑 don’t realise the shepard owns the slaughter house.

Vaccines are hitting rh- blood the worst. Rh- is the blood of cromagnon “and i suspect Neanderthal as well”. There is an agenda to decimate the white race and rh- blood in the beginning was the pure race blood of cromagnon Arian. Rh+ in whites came from mixing with the hybrids. Rh- is the organic blood and these vaccines are targeting these people with rh- or carriers of rh- gene alleles. Bioterrorism is in full gear since the human genome DNA tracking project has identified WHO os WHO on this planet.

Anyone remember his episode about the underground tunnels and towns that the elite were building?

There must be a formation of militias in every community creating a collaboration project,a nationwide communications net and target the compounds of Big Pharma companies, who produce the deadly vaccines and commit crimes against humanity. They must be mowed down with AK47s,coz no-one, that’s part of their evil agenda is a wrong target, they’re all guilty as hell. If we don’t wanna die, we must act quickly. We’ve already wasted too much time, and they’ve killed already hundreds of thousands INNOCENT human beings worldwide. When are we gonna rise up against this ULTIMATE SATANIC EVIL??!!

Tomorrow’s news today. Alex Jones and Infowars has been at the tip of the spear since the 90’s.

Then every one of these elites must be destroyed! Utterly and Completely!

Now the “great culling” is called the “great reset”. You are probably not included in the great reset unless maybe they use you for fertilizer.

Why do you think your Founding Fathers stated that there should never be a standing army in the US, only militias? Because a standing army may be used by evil rulers to enslave the people.

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