Globalists Recalibrating Free Speech

Globalists Recalibrating Free Speech

By George Christensen

4,440 views May 27, 2022 Former Australian Member of Parliament George Christensen calls out the World Economic Forum for discussing “recalibrating” free speech in Just A Minute.

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Iris Walzak
It’s interesting that these self appointed organizers/leaders have decided that they should and indeed must change millions of peoples lives without even a single consultation. If there was no hidden manipulation the natural environment would direct which changes were needed.

Granny Jude
Never heard of this woman before. Who appointed her and how much power does she have?

Brad Houston
Life could be so straight forward if these beep beeps would just leave us all alone!
Thanks for your work George

Jenny Neale
So, what they are actually saying is that the grubberment wants to step in because some folks don’t know how to turn off social media. Save them from themselves? Good grief!!

Ben Anthony
I’d like to “recalibrate” her free speech into something more palatable to me, or does it only go one way?

Iris Walzak
I’d like to know why it’s simply accepted that a group of self employed well to do folk can conspire behind closed doors, towards making radical changes in the continuity of peaceful abundant living?

Well said George, back you 100%.

Kathrine Ashton
Excellent new video format with the 1 minute time frame, in this modern world with short attention spans this will be successful, (however I don’t like the count down clock in the bottom right hand corner, it’s very distracting) Keep up the great work George!

I agree. We need to get rid of “Free Spreech” Spreech is the language of the elite. Down with Free Spreech

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