“Free Choice” Movement Italy Symbolically Burns “Green Pass”

“Free Choice” Movement Italy Symbolically Burns “Green Pass”

By Ben Swann

Italy officially rolled out its new Green Pass, and that move sparked protests across Italy. Thousands took to the streets to protest, here in Rome, but also in Milan, Naples and 80 cities across Italy. Those protests included Italians symbolically burning “Green Passes”.

Now that the Green Pass has been instituted, what does it mean for the people of Italy?

Here’s what others had to say:

Debbie Hope Dyer
Good for them, they understand and recognize fascism and are determined to stop it.

Cleo Skouras
Ben Swann you should make your way to Cyprus 🇨🇾. Test’s have to be paid for by unvaccinated tax paying citizens every 72 hours, no one can buy food, go out to restaurants/shops/ or even go to a doctor without a 72 “safe pass” for anyone over 12 years old. University students may have to pay for a 72 PCR test to attend lectures & the schools will be requiring a safe pass for children! They hand out €300 fines to citizens for not wearing masks or having safe passes. All the protests fall on deaf ears.

Aida Ovasapyan
People are the power of the world ,

Reuben Stowers
This needs to be Australia!

Jeremy Fulton
European nations are clearly less under the sway of corporate capture

Canales Dani
It’s fantastic seeing people pushing back !!!

Bill Gordon
Most of Europe has had large protests like this.

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