Episode 35: Live With Dr. Peter Johnston | Victorian GP Speaking Out

Episode 35: Live With Dr. Peter Johnston | Victorian GP Speaking Out

By Australian National Review

Dr. Johnston is a Victorian based GP with over 50 years experience who has witness first-hand the terrible effects of these vaccines on the people.

He has decided to speak out against the medical tyranny that our health care workers are currently under due to AHPRA’s draconian overreach. He is also behind an initiative called healthcare workers for truth.

Here’s what others had to say:

Mandates are illegal and we must all stand together and not accept any mandates or illegal directives or laws.

Good on this man for having integrity and speaking out.

I got cold called by my Drs surgery who I have only been to once to confirm pregnancy in February 2020. to ask me if I have been vaccinated. I said no I’m still breastfeeding…She then told me that it was 100% safe and effective and most beneficial for my baby while breastfeeding.. so angry because I know babies have died from breastfeeding mothers who have had the injection…so I hung up the phone

Loved this. Only thing I’d say is it being listed as ‘poison’ is not an alarm. I believe that’s how drugs are listed. Love this Dr. thank you for standing up

I’m really keen to find out true symptoms of spike protein .
and how to protect…I thought this was perhaps more psy ops…but have been have strange heart issues when in shopping centres erratic heavy heart beats… now I keep getting chest pains… I have not and will not get this injection.. but I know heart issues has been a side effect… but is it also a symptom of spike protein….I’m quite worried and too scared to go to a hospital or Drs cause they are so cruel and corrupt now.

moderna was worth 7 billion $ since covid they are worth 130 billion.

I think the Dr needs to investigate making a claim under the Commonwealth Public Interest Disclosure Act as a “whistleblower”. I’d say he has a contract with the Govt by way of MediCare.
Get legal advice.

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