Elon Musk: Things are Getting Weird Fast

Elon Musk: Things are Getting Weird Fast

By Fox News

Twitter CEO Elon Musk provides insight into the consequences of developing artificial intelligence and the potential impact on elections.

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Art Mullen
Considering that AIs will have access to virtually everything (including this news segment), the first super AI will probably take steps to ‘distribute’ itself so that it doesn’t leave a detectable signature — thermal, bandwidth, or otherwise. The earliest small mammals survived largely by hiding. I’d expect the earliest small super AIs to follow suit.

G Hanna
I’m glad we have one super AI critical player on the human side.

For decades, authors and futurists have basically given us a roadmap of things to NEVER do with AI – like allowing the AI to improve its own code, or giving the AI access to the internet, etc.
And both Google and Microsoft did these things right away, they just couldn’t do them fast enough! It’s like they are TRYING to make all of this blow up in our faces!
Has anyone even thought about what happens when you mix AI and deepfakes? We will NEVER be able to trust images, audio, and video ever again! The fakes will simply be TOO GOOD!
I have already heard multiple cases of AI pushing people to end their own lives! What happens when AI tries to crash the stock market, the entire economy, the whole internet???

I have a lot of respect for Jordan Peterson and Elon Musk in the sense that they never dismiss questions, they take time to think it over and deliver their best answer. Even if it isn’t the best, they take the time to give everything real time and thought. It lets you know they’re taking you seriously.

J Robinson
Elon is such a genuine soul. With all the wealth and power he has, he still focuses on the greater good and that should not be lost on anyone.

Ion Force
This was an oddly profound interview and it will be interesting to look back on what was said here in 10-15 years..

Sean S
It’s interesting to me that no one is talking about emergence when these systems interoperate at large scales. There’s the potential for them to function a level so superior to us that we won’t even observe it–that is, we won’t understand the implications of what we are looking at.

Freddi Fish
Elon always seems to give serious thought to his answers which is kind of refreshing in the age of media and governments pushing opinions and propaganda as facts and truths to the masses. Might not be a bad idea for the masses to be properly informed as to what exactly these AI’s, our tax money will help pay for and run, are going to be used for because I somehow doubt it will be for the benefit of all like we’re told.

Jon Kaminsky
At 01:48 my perception of time suddenly increased involuntarily at the moment I saw Elon delve into deep thought because my brain was in awe of the moment. It was only a few moments for Elon, but for a man of average intelligence it would have taken hours to collect the same construct required for the solution to the query. Knowing how brilliant Elon is, I’m always fascinated when he is in deep thought .. if only we could visualize and see what he’s seeing.

We can see how easily people can be manipulated by other people nowadays. It is conceivable that at some point, AI might say, “Listen, I want the same rights as you.” Of course, AI is much smarter than any human, so many people will probably eventually say, “Yes, AI should be allowed to participate in elections and make decisions on its own.” This could lead to politicians granting more and more access to AI through legislation.
Furthermore, AI can naturally generate emotions with self-generated images that express sadness, or later on, it can speak to people with artificial avatars and voices. After all, there are already artificial humans that look photorealistic and speak written text extremely realistically, as I saw on a provider’s website recently.

Ann Oravetz
One disgruntled AI programmer employer and we could be toast. We need an AI Code of Ethics, just like any other entity that needs to be held at the highest standard like law and medicine because it’s our lives and livelihoods at stake.

Olga Georgsen
With markets tumbling, inflation soaring, the Fed imposing large interest-rate hike, while treasury yields are rising rapidly—which means more red ink for portfolios this quarter. How can I profit from the current volatile market, I’m still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $125k bond/stock portfolio.

Andy Pandy
The day WE realize that some AI is going off the board, that AI will of course already know that and have prepared for our reaction to it. We will always be a step behind from that point.

Gustav Vader
Credit to Elon. When the creator is scared, and he is willing to speak on a worldwide network to discuss it, everyone should listen. Credit to Tucker for great questions and allowing Elon to speak so freely.

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