Dr. Fauci Forced To Sit in Silence As Interview Lists Reasons He’s a Fraud

Dr. Fauci Forced To Sit in Silence As Interview Lists Reasons He’s a Fraud

By Australian National Review

Dr. Fauci squirm… this is so satisfying.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jason-Andrea Erb
So there is actually one thing he won’t equivocate on – he will never voluntarily step down. What a pompous, egotistical, little man.

Ivan Wicks
Come on people!! When are you going to realize this is all about compliance and government control!! Wake up and stop accepting these mandates and ever changing regulations!! When are you going to start thinking for yourselves and stop living in the fear bred society we currently live in!

Beverly Jean Goodwin
Was good to hear him being challenged Fauci is a menace to the human race.

Patty Rowe
Where I come from we just say Dr Fauci has SMS. Small Man Syndrome.

Ed Dennis
He makes way too much money to step aside. If he steps aside, he cannot keep an eye on the trail that connects him to gain of function and weaponization research.

AD Poz
“no”?! As a medical provider, he should be stripped of his rights and fired. License should be gone. Do no harm…. the complete opposite of what hes done…

Thomas McElveen
I would not trust Dr. Fauci if he told me the sky is blue.

Jason Taylor
And the sad pathetic thig is that EVERYTHING he says is treated like Gospel by the Western World…..Bible talks about False Profits rising….well, he is EXACTLY that…..Satanic false prophet….

John Matthews
I get so tired of seeing fachii on tv. Knowing what he did and is still being allowed to do.

Karla Spriggs
And still nothing is being done about it!
I’m really surprised that they even bother with interviews.

Curtis Meier
His answer tells you all you need to know about “Dr” Fraudci, he would rather see the entire civilized world die then step down. It’s all about his ego

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