Doctors & Lawyers Issue Dire Warning to High School, College & Pro Athletes

Doctors & Lawyers Issue Dire Warning to High School, College & Pro Athletes

By USA Tomorrow

This is a must hear warning to all high school, college & professional athletes and coaches: YOU ARE BEING PLAYED.
Don’t let them get away with it.

Here’s what others had to say:

My company just mandated the vaccine. I was really hoping to contact a lawyer through AFLD, but they made it sound like “everyone is wanting the bandaid, religious exemption” when they should be getting off their butts and fighting. Well, I guess I won’t be calling them for legal assistance.

More Fatherless Children when they are Killing the Men, TIME TO STAND UP AS MEN & Women its time you stood beside a Man and Pulled your weight as did those Women who stood and waited for their Man to Come Home from Wars of the past which allowed us today to have Freedom we will always fight to have. You don’t miss what you don’t have, I assure you folks everyone will miss Freedom.

Time of Truth
WOW………..Coach Dave was simply AMAZING, and 100% on point ! And the alleged ‘delta variant’ CANNOT be detected by any test – their OWN WORDS – as the alleged virus has still, never been isolated….. because it CAN’T BE!

There is no virus, do your research. There is no evidence that covid or any virus has been isolated. It’s a bioweapon that has been moved to an injection. Germ Theory is the real virus that will allow us to be plandemiced for the rest of our lives.

As much as I love my beach vacations, I refuse to wear a mask for hours, or subject myself to the 5G technology in the airports. The towers in our communities is bad enough.

What would happen to a person receiving a blood transfusion from a vaxed donor? Will our blood supply be forever tainted?

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