Democrat Open Borders Plan to Entrench Single-Party Rule. Explained in Under Two Minutes


Democrat Open Borders Plan to Entrench Single-Party Rule. Explained in Under Two Minutes

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Democrat Open Borders Plan to Entrench Single-Party Rule

Explained in Under Two Minutes

🔴 One, flood the country with untold millions of illegals by land, sea, and air from all over the world — enough to eclipse the populations of 36 individual U.S. states, so far.

🔴 Two, prioritize the needs of these millions of non-citizens over the needs of the American citizen, with free flights, busses, hotels, meals and phones — ensuring their loyalty to the political party that imported them.

🔴 Three, keep them in the country at all costs, even when they commit violent crime like murder and rape. Attack the language used to describe the criminals, as opposed to the criminals themselves. Slander critics as racist.

🔴 Four, ensure their privileges are made irrevocable with city and state sanctuary laws that act as a population magnet, codify their permanent status and ensure non-cooperation with ICE.

🔴 Five, count the non-citizens in the census that will determine congressional apportionment in the House of Representatives — as of now, that would equal thirteen extra congressional districts; a tremendous amount of electoral power.

🔴 Six, wage a massive, heavily funded lawfare campaign to change state voting laws that legalize mass mail-in ballots, no signature verification, and no proof of citizenship requirements — making it nearly impossible to prove voter fraud.

🔴 Seven, lock in the permanent voting majority with campaign promises of lavish benefits and permanent privileges, enshrining generational fealty to the Democrat party.

🔴 Eight, win elections.

🔴 Nine, entrenched single-party rule has been achieved.


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