Congressman & Bankers Laugh About How Corrupt They Are ON CAMERA!

Congressman & Bankers Laugh About How Corrupt They Are ON CAMERA!

By The Jimmy Dore Show

It’s known as the “revolving door” – the steady stream of government officials and regulators going to work for companies in the industries they previously regulated, and then back again. At a recent Congressional hearing GOP Congressman Trey Hollingsworth yukked it up with representatives of different big banks about his aide who would soon be taking a job with Bank of America, one of the very banks she and her boss were ostensibly in charge of regulating.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the “revolving door” phenomenon and how even those government officials who find the practice “gross” do little to nothing to stop it.

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Zach The Celtics Guy
Look at that- Jimmy is calling out the GOP. So much for the Young Turds saying Jimmy Dore never calls out Republicans LOL People like me who regularly watch, and love, Jimmy Dore know this. Love you Jimmy! Keep up the good work.

That smirk on the Bank of America guy’s face just says it all. The same look crosses the faces of almost every single one of our elected officials on a regular basis too. How did we all allow this to happen? Sleeping on the job, that’s how. We have all known about the revolving door for many decades; however, the fact that they will smirk, laugh, and say what they said out loud (“her father works for us well, so…”) when they all know that they are being videotaped demonstrates that they don’t have one ounce of concern that the US population will ever rise up against them (government or banks) or even complain in substantial numbers. Oh well. (Hollingsworth is so mirthful because he’s thinking about his own massive payback after he’s done his real job in Congress.)

Nailed it Jimmy. “Bernie is worse because he knows better.” I’m sad I donated so much time and money to empty suit.

Maybe corrupt people in govt positions should be investigated/fired REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE RUNNING AGAIN.

It’s like when executives from all the drug companies were getting jobs at the FDA, and then causing the opioid crisis.

Steven Dierks
The lady’s dad works for a bank, then got his daughter a spot on the committee. THAT’S the story. The fact that she goes back to her daddy’s bank is just the icing on the cake. It’s not as if she was ‘bribed’ to go easy, in return for a cushy job at the bank – she was NEVER working for us.

Yoga Mom
Makes me physically ill. THAT is one of the MANY reasons I will never vote for criminals ever again. I won’t vote for “the lesser evil” anymore

Tim the Enchanter
Oversight Committee: Those are the guys who make sure the bankers, themselves, don’t lose any money when the banks lose all yours.

Karen Z
When are taxpayers expected to handout the next bank bailouts? We have to tell them, ” No, no such thing as too big to fail. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

The problem is not that these specialists leave and go to work in their chosen career at banks and such, it is that they don’t do their job effectively while working in government. Of course, probably no financial company would hire them if they did do righteous reform.

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