Bill Gates: 4 Things You Might Not Know!

Bill Gates: 4 Things You Might Not Know!

By USA Times

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Angela Leonard
I’m so glad, You came across this. Bc I seen it when the article first came out.
You have a massive platform to reach lots more ppl.
Keep up the good work.

Gail A McCann
I just love listening to you and your research! You’re what journalism used to be. Thanks for all that you do… it’s a great service to America!!

Ellen Bourgeois Graffeo
So glad you are back in full throttle. And thank you for bringing awareness where others don’t!!!

Ashley Monares King
None of this surprises me. It’s alarming, but this man wants to control it all. No thanks!

Stephanie Mijal
This Ahole needs to be stopped!!! I truly think he has reached a point that he believes he’s God!! Any person like that is dangerous…. never mind with all that money!! I will not take a covid 19 vaccine, and anyone who does is Fing crazy!! Studies on ferrets went fine until they introduced covid 19 to them …. they all died!!! Bill Gates again is behind MANDATORY vaccination for covid-19!!! Funny how he gave money( 3 mil) to the same organization that funded the very same lab ( right before) the accident!??? Less than a year before the accident at the lab … he made a pandemic Netflix movie !! 🤔 He also made a video of him having put a chip in everyone’s DNA!!! He’s out of his mind, and needs to be stopped!!! he’s gone beyond genius to crazy!!!

Darlene Gilleland Fricke
Bill Gates is only the”the best” because of his $, the elite are so greedy they don’t care about us!

Lauren Scharp
Sounds like Bill Gates is trying to bring a horror movie to life.

Angela Rice
Funny Gates says the elite will overplay their hand, that’s exactly what I have been saying is happening.

Alicia Thomas
Sounds like Mr. Gates is trying to play God. Sorry, Bill ….. There’s only one God Almighty and it ain’t you!!!

Alfredo Gonzalez
If he really wanted to help he would be sending food, water, and basic needs to people in war zones or poor countries where kids are suffering not vaccines. Vaccines doesn’t end hunger!!

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