Biden’s Parting Gift to the Taliban

Biden’s Parting Gift to the Taliban

By USA Tomorrow

Biden’s parting gift to the Taliban. $83 BILLION in state-of-the-art weapons. Makes me feel physically sick.

In one day, thanks to utter morons in government, the Taliban has become one of the most lethally-equipped organizations in the world. Nice Job id**ts.

Here’s what others had to say:

Kelly McLean
That’s the biggest worry.

Diorne Doni Lia
And this is what they are doing with it.

Rob Cole
Trump was the only president in modern times to put his country and citizens first. And he was voted out. They know get what they voted for.

Ian Anthony Woolfson
If any of us were so incompetent at our jobs we would be fired or sued, this is disgraceful. The good people of this world need to stand up now to this madness

David Driscoll
Ridiculous to see the partisanship on this, the other guy was totally to blame and my guy had nothing to do with it.

Kevan Baker
Seriously? Who just leaves that shit behind?

Daniel Lucas
Yeah, but do they know how to fix them? Or have parts?

Carl Huybers
The ineptitude of the whole administration is gobsmacking.
The political class both in the US and Australia have been shown up as totally incapable

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