Biden & Fauci Are Making “The Most Critical Strategic Blunder”

Biden & Fauci Are Making “The Most Critical Strategic Blunder”

By Will Cain

Biden & Fauci are making “the most critical strategic blunder.”


Here’s what others had to say:

Scott Cutler
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different.

Susan Matson
Fauci and the B administration won’t even consider listening to Drs. with a much higher expertise than Fauci. Doctors who talk of natural immunity, antibodies, and therapeutics get muzzled. All for politics and at the expense of Americans’ health.

Patty Sarro
They are culling the heard and making billions off of this!!

Andre Mansi
I’ve always said they’re feeding us lies and getting very rich over it.

Tracy Kara Mercer
He’s right! Money, control and power is what this is about.

Denise Keswell
They giving the vaccine to children from 5 years old here in Australia. What the heck.

David Kaff
Would anyone be dumb enough to allow themselves to be ‘boosted’ every 90 days forever?? That just can’t be good for you.

Lori Lippincott
They want the people weak and sick! I lost my Dad to covid…but not for one second do I believe these shots would have saved him. I think he may have survived if he would have been given the meds he needed but God ultimately needed him. I pray all of this corruption comes to light.

Dana Covington
From the look of things that must be the idea. These people are proponents of population control so what are we supposed to expect?

Susan Bopp Sciacca
Saddest and most infuriating is that Biden and Fauci don’t care.

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