Australia’s New Lockdowns Are Real & Insane

Australia’s New Lockdowns Are Real & Insane

By An0maly

Australia’s New Lockdowns Are REAL & INSANE: Listen To These 5 Testimonials Of Aussies. Most Media Doesn’t Care.

Here’s what others had to say:

Celine Martinez
I was touched by the words of the young man in the red cap. He said, Australia is looking to America. We still represent freedom to the world. Australians cannot even be outside their home or face arrest. America’s strength comes from faith in God.

Leigh Hewett McCreless
It’s the same population as Florida. I’m sorry for this. Please stand up for your rights.

Brandon Espinoza
Indeed right wing left wing same bird. If the left wing keeps telling the right wing to stop flapping we’re all going to crash .
That being said I’ll say the bird represents the people we noticed there’s quite a few worn out old quills in the wings on both sides need some term limits to prevent non-functional counterproductive things being retained on the wings the whole of the bird will be much better off for it.

Alyson Meredith
The covid lock downs and isolation damaged my father mentally and he was a genius. After I got him out of his assisted living apartment where they wouldn’t even let him walk to the dining room for 7 months and he was made to eat alone in his room, his mentally was foggy. It took a couple of weeks for him to engage in conversation again. Abusive.

Christy Stavredes
That is the only part that is good. People turning to God. He is the only one who can keep us all sane and human through this.

Sherry Morris Lewis
Americans, do you see the big picture? Do you see what this is about yet? Time to stand up.

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