Aussie Hero Dave Oneggs Bank Accounts Still Frozen by Government Agencies – His Crime – Helping Raise Money That Went 100% To Locals Which Made Greedy Charities Look Bad

Aussie Hero Dave Oneggs Bank Accounts Still Frozen by Government Agencies – His Crime – Helping Raise Money That Went 100% To Locals Which Made Greedy Charities Look Bad

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

It’s been 5 months today since my bank accounts were frozen by this clown show government.
5 months!!!

It’s very simple.
The authority’s response was completely disastrous and so us locals stepped in.

The so-called “charities” have such a poor record now of not passing on “donations” to those that need them,
no one trusts them anymore.

Regular Aussies wanted to help people like me,
who were on the ground and actually there, day in, day out.

What was my “crime?”

Accepting help from Australians so I could continue helping more Australian families devastated by the flooding.

People offered to help me with my fuel, repairs, servicing, and ongoings and I gladly accepted the help…

because the government certainly wasn’t going to give us any, that’s for sure.

As the ADF, SES, police, Resilience, fire department, and council all tripped over each other’s bureaucratic bungling,

I got busy pulling people out of roofs,
out of trees, rescuing animals, and feeding stranded cattle.

I evacuated injured people and delivered food, mail, and medical to isolated families and farmers with Mark Otoole Michelle Bryant and Stuart McKay Visual StoryTeller

The whole time I used my own equipment,
and my own ability as a proficient operator of a PWC and as someone who is highly experienced in the water.

In 6 weeks of search, rescue and evacuation drops offs and deliveries,

I didn’t have a single incident or rescue go wrong.
Not once.

Today I’m livid as yet another article comes out detailing the abject failures of the authorities,
while I’m still being punished for helping.

QCAT, the Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal has said they “may” look at my case in the next 24 months for a review.

My lawyer wants to take it to the Supreme Court,
but that’s gonna take 100k!

I can assure you there was far less than that in the accounts.

This country is sliding into absolute INSANITY.

We live in a time where people helping each other are punished by an all powerful nanny state run by poison pushing goons..
a state that is defined by wasting funds and gross incompetence.

Taking this to the Supreme Court seems absolutely crazy to be honest because that’s gonna take a LOT of money and I certainly don’t have it…

but maybe it’s time to try and set a precedent for the future.

I really don’t know.

I have VERY little faith in ANY institutions at the moment.

Today I’m effin furious.
I had every intention of being down there daily and they completely tied my hands.

You need funds to be able to help,
especially with the price of diesel at the moment.

This country is not the Australia we knew.
It’s embarrassing.
It’s disgusting.
It’s an effin circus of hypocrisy, idiocy and corruption.

I don’t know what to do.
Please leave a comment below if you would support this going to the Supreme Court.

If you can,
maybe buy a tee shirt on my website which has been keeping me alive in the meantime.

What an effin shitshow this country has become.

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