Arizona Election Audit Released

Arizona Election Audit Released

By Jay Capri

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Carolyn Faremouth
This is of no real surprise! The election had fraud written all over it! He, Biden, knew it was in the bag from day one! He didn’t even have to come out of his basement Now what????

Lee Jones
This is time for all republicans to stand strong and take back our country.

Amee Selph
It’s all coming out now. Brace yourselves!!! I think things are about to get real. Which means the corrupt are going to become even more vicious. Please pray for the USA.

Terri Reinhart
There’s no way Joe Biden would have got the most votes ever.

Cynthia Donaldson
I saw this on a news report, not mainstream naturally right after the audit was completed.
We truly have to pray for discernment. Everyone be praying truth be revealed. God’s will be done Amen.

Stan Smith
Time to bring justice to those corrupt politicians the truth is out Joe cheated his way into the white House.

Andrew McFetridge
This is old happened like 2 weeks ago and absolutely nothing has been done. Same old all talk no action. Typical republican leadership standing for nothing. It’s truly sad the ag of Arizona has all he needs to in order to change things but is sitting on his hands.

LeAnn Anderson
We the people knew that was the only way biden made it.

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