A Huge Win for Free Speech

A Huge Win for Free Speech

By Steve Kirsch

Two new developments were not covered by any mainstream media, so I thought I’d let you know about them. You aren’t supposed to know this but …

This news article in the Epoch Times announcing that a free speech case brought by two state attorney generals is a big deal.

And today there is now this headline that subpoenas have been served and the officials (as well as Twitter, YouTube, Meta, Instagram and LinkedIn) have 30 days to respond:

You will not find either story in mainstream media because it is counter narrative. But for people like me, this is one of the biggest news items I’ve seen.

Alex Berenson tried to argue the state-action doctrine in his Twitter lawsuit, but Judge Alsup denied it. This was in Federal Court in San Francisco.

See this excellent article (and it’s short) describing the state-action doctrine. It notes that federal courts think Twitter is off the hook, but state courts can rule differently.

I’m looking at suing Twitter in California state court and if I win, Twitter has to pay my legal expenses and it also means they can’t silence free speech on their platform anymore, which will be a huge step forward for free speech.

This development is a big win because it means that a judge wasn’t convinced by the government’s attempts to dismiss the case. If the case succeeds, it could open up free speech on all these platforms. It would mean that people with vaccine injuries don’t have to hide anymore.

This win in court is more evidence that the narrative will be falling apart soon.

I now have nearly 100 reasons the safe and effective narrative is falling apart.


Free speech is key.

This ruling and the issuance of subpoenas is a solid step in restoring free speech rights on social media platforms.

The decision makers aren’t hearing the other side of the story because voices have been censored, including the voices of millions of vaccine injured people.

As I’ve said before, the key to ending the pandemic is for decision-makers to start listening to the people that are being censored.

So stopping censorship is an important step forward.

Once that happens, we can go back to normal almost instantly since COVID will no longer kill nearly as many people (we’ll use sensible treatment for in-patient and out-patients), the PCR and antigen tests will be properly specified to eliminate the false positives, and we can end all the stupid mitigation measures (like masks, lockdowns, isolation, etc). And we’ll start incentivizing hospitals to save lives instead of killing people. With a handful of changes, I think there’s an excellent chance we can cut the death rate from COVID to insignificant levels.

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