A Freedom Which Is Interested Only in Denying Freedom Must Be Denied

A Freedom Which Is Interested Only in Denying Freedom Must Be Denied

By Trump News

Why is having freedom through denying others freedom being celebrated in our country? Can we describe what is happening in the vaccinated economy in NSW as a form of segregation and apartheid?

According to some because there is a “choice” to participate such criticisms are not warranted, yet does such an argument make sense when we consider the blatant forms of coercion being applied on that “choice”?

“A freedom which is interested only in denying freedom must be denied” ~ Simone de Beauvoir

Freedom Day in NSW – Realtime with Rukshan


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Also, to add to that. My 7 year old asked me “why are people saying they are free!?” he then proceeds with… they’re not criminals! BOOM! And that’s my 7 year old! Dang!

It’s definitely not freedom day. There is no freedom! It’s control by the government. Only if your vaccinated you can be free but still are you really free???

There is no “choice” when there is coercion. “Choice” implies freedom from undue pressure. Let’s be clear on that. The word “choice” is being misused.

Thank you, Rukshan I couldn’t download my digital vaccine certificate fast enough a couple of months ago, it was proof that I had done my best to protect those around me and that I wasn’t being ‘selfish’ and the government could fuck off. Now , I dread having to use it , I am ashamed of this vaccinated economy that I am allowed to participate in. But pretty soon my certificate won’t be valid anyway, unless I submit to the ‘booster process’. It’s frightening to see how people change from being vaccine- hesitant to militantly pro-vax once their freedoms are dangled back in front of them after they are vaccinated. They forget that they were once fearful, that they had questions ,now the unvaccinated are the enemy.

People actually gave up their body autonomy just to buy CCP rubbish from Kmart.
At this point, I see why people like Bill Gates do the things they do. Because they actually can.

Great episode Rukshan! Right on!! These are not the values we learnt in this country. You can’t treat people like second class citizens just because it allows you to have privileges. Ironic thing is that it’s the people having their freedoms removed that are being cast as selfish. So the rest can further feel surprior and justify this bullshit tk themselves.

I’d like to see what percentage of Australians would want to see non vaccinated Australians sent to prison for not getting vaccinated. I’d say at least 50% of the population would like to send non vaccinated people to jail if they could. It’s an absolute disgrace what’s happening in this country.

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