Walmart’s Magnetic Meat

Walmart’s Magnetic Meat

By Sergeant Major

Politicians seem terrified. But why? I use Brian Pallister and Doug Ford as examples and show evidence of a bio-pharma-public health cartel (aka Medical Mafia).

Note: As most Truthers well know, there was NO PANDEMIC. If there was a coronavirus rather than the Common Flu, it has NEVER been isolated. The quarantine orders were unlawful rules (not laws) that got the libtard snowflakes to lock-down. The purpose of the quarantines were to get the Sheeple to line up for the DEPOPULATION JAB and to WRECK THE ECONOMY so the DEMONrats can bring in their NEW WORLD ORDER. The plan has worked tremendously, because the snowflakes have now gotten the jab at a rate of 80%, and they are now forcing their children to COMMIT SUICIDE with them.


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