Timothy Dixon: President Trump May Not Even Know It Right Now, But He’s Coming Back Into Office!

By Noah

Another update from Timothy Dixon.

A line in his recent video really caught my attention.

He said:

President Trump may not even know it right now, but he IS coming back into office!  And soon!

Isn’t that fascinating?

It lines up exactly with what I’ve been saying for a while.

The solution was never going to come from the Courts or from Congress or even from some “genius plan” launched by President Trump.

No, this was always much bigger.

As I’ve been saying, this is going to be a Red Sea Moment, and here’s the deal with Red Sea Moments….you only get one when all seems lost!

When all seems totally hopeless!


Because when the victory is delivered, everyone will know it could ONLY have come from the mighty right hand of God!

No one else gets the glory.

And so I loved when Timothy Dixon said that, because it means even President Trump himself might not be holding on to any hope right now of a comeback.

But when it happens?

Do you know what it will do to his faith?

Watch out baby!

This is such a great message, and there is SO MUCH more in here too.

Don’t miss this one.

Please enjoy:

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