Scott Morrison has a lot to answer for

Scott Morrison has a lot to answer for

By Pat Mesiti


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Pat Mesiti
Scott Morrison goes overseas and our lives are turned upside down for a virus with a 99.7 % recovery rate ..,, Out PM sold us out .:, Barry Smith the now deceased teacher on the 2nd coming said Australia and NZ are the experimental nations they test it here and it’s rolled out Globally….. Ask Your Pastors NOW why there is no outcry from
The Spiritual leaders …WHY …. They’ve gone Woke sadly …. I challenge any one of them in this public forum to debate me I will set it up live People have had enough We Need to Stand Against this incarceration in our own country

Christy Johnston
100% Standing with you! This has been my exact frustration!

Clare Gambaro
Yes, thank you Pat for speaking up and I hope Scott Morrison (ScoMo) and some of the church leaders are going to pay attention. There is so much at stake.

Karen Jane O’Neill
I agree with everything you are saying and respect the fact that you are brave enough to speak out.

Sue Kirk
Great commentary. Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking. God bless!

Neroli Mooney
Thankyou for speaking up. Enough is definitely enough! Push back needs to happen on mass.


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