Potential treatments to reverse the Covid vaccine damage look promising

Potential treatments to reverse the Covid vaccine damage look promising

By Staff Reporter

ANMODE HEALTH is commercializing various products (i.e. SOD for anti-aging, NAD for stopping addiction, different molecular structured water for better absorption of water into our cell structure, and lastly a proprietary 100% pure Montmorillonite in various applications forms). I have a shortened deck attached that has closer to the end some of the scientific links to research of which exist about hundreds.

Montmorillonite is a 18 mineral crystal compound that draws in wet form its efficacies from “Far Infrared Radiation”, and when utilized in powder form and drunk its efficacies are on ionic levels. We have given people with Flu and COVID Flu infections 3x 2cc emulsified in ½ glass of water and the average recovery time was 1-2 days. Now it turns out that the dangerous mRNA, DNA inoculations, as well as the produced spike proteins seem to have a similar property, so that we can flush them out of the body as the product does for the virus itself.

Since the whole forced inoculation crisis is fresh, we don’t have yet any clinical studies, but we do have results that the administered Montmorillonite (the commercial name for the drinkable powder is HEKA DETOX) quickly eliminated the dreadful side effects that people reported. Almost weekly we find new efficacies.


What is Montmorillonite?
The term originally is derived from the French Mountain Mont Morillion, where the first sources of Vulcanic rock were taken. Often people lump the word Bentonite and Montmorillonite together. Typically, Bentonite contains Montmorillonite but not in highest purity, and most of the time Bentonite cannot be consumed. ANMODE Health’s Montmorillonite is harvested in a Nevada (USA) mine with a 99.99% purity and a proprietary harvesting method that guarantees the high level of efficacies. ANMODE Health supplies this in different grit forms (grit is the coarseness of the powder when the rock is milled), as well as different mixes and packaging.

What is Montmorillonite good for?
There are more than 900 studies that are published on benefits of Montmorillonite and to some people the wide range of efficacies seems to be unbelievable. The best explanation is that we are looking at an 18-compound crystalline formation that is responsible for the various benefits. Studies show viral and bacterial efficacies, and we had many clients that utilized the powder, swirled in water, to defend against colds, flu, and other infections. Montmorillonite seems to bind these foreign intruders to it’s crystal form and flushes them out. The product that is used is called HEKA DETOX. People that used HEKA DETOX have quickly recovered from any of the flu like symptoms within 1 or 2 days. We have seen people with severe coughs and phlegm being coughed up that stated to be symptom free in 1-2 days. The CEO of ANMODE Health himself has taken the powder several times, whenever he felt a condition of “impact” coming up. Two or three doses a day, and next morning everything back to normal.
He is also a user of HEKA STRAINEX that cured an MCL problem, and fixed his lower lumbar problems.

Why do you feel that your HEKA DETOX (Montmorillonite) helps to defend against the mRNA inoculation?
We read studies that the mRNA inoculation as well as the resulting toxin (spike protein) have the same electric charge as the virus itself. While we believe that every person has the right to decide if they want to be inoculated or not, those that feel either forced, pressured, and/or agreed from a state of being misinformed should also have the right to detox from the substance as well as the aftermath (the toxin) in their body.

Is Montmorillonite FDA (or equivalently) approved?
Montmorillonite is a supplement and doesn’t require any specific approval. With that said, other than pointing to the many studies (most of them can be found on the website of NIH and PubMed), nobody is allowed to legally state that Montmorillonite is FDA approved to treat xyz. ANMODE Health in due time is committed to change this. One of the reasons why ANMODE is raising funding is to make clinical studies that will result in FDFA approval for targeted efficacies.

Does Montmorillonite help everybody?
The founders of ANMODE Health are strong advocates of the science field of Epigenetics. For example, a strong advocate is Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton (watch on Youtube “The Science of Believe”). Granted he popularizes some of the underlying principles, but the underlying principals are very true. Epigenetics is the understanding that our body is a very complex system that cannot be described in a mathematical formula. Additionally, body functions are controlled by the mind and the subconscious. As we have seen reports that guru and Qi Gong masters defy illness and poison with the mind, equally we know the opposite to be true as well. People can get sick based on their believes or subconscious disposition. We are calling our product lines “epigenetic catalysts”. We are trying to imply that we assist the body’s & mind’s ability to heal, but if weakened you need the extra support. Like in chemistry, catalysts lower the energy barrier of people for the body to do it’s work.It works in reverse too, that’s why our customers often report that they feel more energetic. So, people that want to be healed will quickly see the positive effects of the products

What are the goals of ANMDOE Health?
Unlike the Goldman Sachs’ analyst that questioned if curing people is a sustainable business model, ANDMODE Health is dedicated to providing cures versus the common approach of sustaining misery for as long as possible and hence creating trillions of dollars of revenue from maintaining the status quo. Today we are living in such a toxic environment that it is an excellent business model to cure people and it is the right humanitarian thing to do. ANMODE Health believes there is a lot of wisdom in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurvedic Medicine (predominantly from India), and other ancient knowledge. Montmorillonite is also ancient and it a product of mother nature – used for several hundred of years by ancient cultures. ANMODE is committed to bring those to market and will also identify new product lines that all of one thing in common – some form of energy impact. There is currently a lot of research going into micro current treatments resulting in promising methods to treat conditions of Tinnitus. One of the modern energy products that ANMODE carries is based on Czech Republic research to protect our personal environment from the negative influence of EMF. Interesting enough the HEKA STRAINEX from of ANMODE’s Montmorillonite (wet Montmorillonite sealed into a bag) is attributed to an effect that is called “Far Infrared Radiation (FIR)”. FIR shows tremendous promise in regenerative applications as well as destruction of cancer (//www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/types/photoimmunotherapy-video#:~:text=Killing%20Cancer%20Cells%20with%20the%20Help%20of
%20Infrared%20Light%20%E2%80%93%20Photoimmunotherapy,-Killing%20Cancer%20Cells&text=Near%2Dinfrared%20photoimmunotherapy%20uses%20an,the%20cancer%20cell%20to%20die.therapy –
National Cancer Institute (https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/types/photoimmunotherapy-video#:~:text=Killing%20Cancer%20Cells%20with%20the%20Help%20of%20Infrared%20Light
%20%E2%80%93%20Photoimmunotherapy,-Killing%20Cancer%20Cells&text=Near-infrared%20photoimmunotherapy%20uses%20an,the%20cancer%20cell%20to%20die.)). ANMODE Health’s founders are dedicated to find these treatment forms in order to help. A new addition to it’s product lineup is KHONSU RESKIN, a product based on NASA Spacelab research for anti-aging. This product circumvents the longstanding problem of SOD absorption – a substance naturally occurring in the body, but then subsiding with age. Another venue is NAD delivery system to treat addiction (Alcohol, Drugs). And lastly new molecularly structured water that enables quick cell absorption and the current research shows that you can increase efficacies of many substances by 10x – hence reducing the need for higher dose treatments.

I am excited how do I order?
Individual orders can be placed on www.anmodehealth.com (http://www.anmodehealth.com/). Distributor inquiries can be send to sales@anmodehealth.com. Outside the US it may make sense to order in bulk. We are open to B2B and B2C, and allowing even C2C sales.

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