Newt Gingrich Says He Believes Battleground States Were Stolen In 2020 Presidential Election

Newt Gingrich Says He Believes Battleground States Were Stolen In 2020 Presidential Election

By Paul Rick

Former Republican Speaker of the House and current political analyst Newt Gingrich dropped some bombs on the 2020 presidential election.

He joined host Maria Bartiromo on Fox News on Sunday for her show “Sunday Morning Futures” where he said that he believes every one of the battleground states in the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

“You can actually buy an official Georgia presidential ballot on eBay. And, you can also buy a number of states,” Gingrich claimed.

“So when they tell you they were controlling the ballots, it’s just not true. This was a very open system. It was a system where people could cheat, and did. And without getting into an argument about how big the cheating was, it was large enough that every American should expect that they have the right to vote, that they have the right to have their vote counted, they have a right to have their vote held legally and accurately, and they shouldn’t have their vote canceled by someone who’s cheating.

“And that’s exactly what’s been going on… In every one of the states that was very close that Trump lost you had those kind of shenanigans and you had state law violated in every single one of those states. In my mind there was no question that those states were in fact stolen. That doesn’t make the national media happy but I think as a historian people will find it’s absolutely true,” he said.

Gingrich’s opinions are his own, and he produced no facts to support his claims, but there is currently an audit going on in Arizona that Democrats appear to be determined to stop.

Donald Trump spoke at his home in Mar-a-Lago about the ongoing forensic audit in Arizona.

Trump warned what was coming next following the Arizona audit.

“Now let’s see what they find… you’ll watch Pennsylvania…Georgia… Michigan… Wisconsin…New Hampshire. They found a lot of votes up in New Hampshire JUST NOW,” Trump said.

“Let’s see what they find,” Trump said in remarks captured on video at his Florida golf resort.

“Some very interesting things are happening in Arizona,” he noted.

“Let’s see what they find. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found thousands and thousands and thousands of votes,” Trump added.

“After that, we’ll watch Pennsylvania, and you watch Georgia, then you’re going to watch Michigan and Wisconsin, and you’re watching New Hampshire. They found a lot of votes up in New Hampshire just now … you saw that?” he added, though it was unclear what Trump was referring to.

“This was a rigged election, everybody knows it, and we’re going to be watching it very closely,” he concluded.

After months of back-and-forth legal battles between Arizona’s Republican-controlled state senate and the Maricopa County board of supervisors, the ballots in Arizona’s most populous county will be audited beginning on April 22.

Senate President Karen Fann signed a contract to lease the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix from April 19 to May 14 for the Legislature to house the 2.1 million ballots.

The Arizona Democratic Party filed a lawsuit to stop the state Senate audit of the election results in Maricopa County.

The suit, brought forward by Maricopa County supervisor Steve Gallardo, alleges the audit is led by partisan contractors hired by the Republican-controlled Senate.

Gallardo, the lone Democrat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, said he was also concerned about ballot security and confidentiality.

“The sole reason for this lawsuit and injunctions is to protect the sanctity of the ballots and more importantly to preserve voters’ privacy from a sham audit that has been corrupted by agitators and conspiracy theorists,” Gallardo said in a tweet.

And the Biden Department of Justice has sent a letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann taking issue with Maricopa County’s forensic audit of the 2020 election.

The letter was from Pamela Karlan, the principal deputy assistant attorney general of the Civil Rights Division.

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