Los Angeles Just Opened a Tiny Home Village for the Homeless


A colorful village of 40 tiny homes opened up in Los Angeles earlier this month. While each 64-foot square unit can only hold one to two people, the project as a whole is a huge step forward when it comes to solving one of the city’s biggest crises: homelessness.

The Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village, as it is officially named, was designed and built in just 13 weeks by Lehrer Architects and the city’s Bureau of Engineering, according to a press release. Located in North Hollywood, it is Los Angeles’s latest effort in providing shelter to its homeless population. It is managed by the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission and is currently filled to capacity since its February 2 opening.

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Each tiny home has two beds, heat, air-conditioning, windows, a small desk, electrical outlets, and a front door. There are also larger modular units on-site where residents can find collective dining and gathering spaces, pet play areas, showers, restrooms, laundry services, and storage options. Case management, housing navigation, mental health, and job training and placement services will be provided, too.

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What’s particularly unique about this village is its take on the tiny home trend, as well as its striking color palette. The city tapped Washington-based builder Pallet Shelter to supply the shelters. The company specializes in creating durable, portable, and affordable shelters for those without a home. It has helped set up a number of similar model communities like this in California, as well as in a few other states across the country. This was the city’s first time working with Pallet.

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As for the colors, Lehrer Architects carefully selected shades of red, white, blue, yellow, and orange. “In projects like these, design matters to uplift residents and to respectfully complete and enhance the neighborhood,” the firm noted in a press release. Shelters of the same color were grouped together to create a coherent sense of a village. Meanwhile, the colors used on the grounds aimed to give each shelter individuality.

Chandler Boulevard was built upon an abandoned and oddly shaped infill lot that previously would have been overlooked because of its awkward shape. However, by opting for tiny shelters instead of large trailers, the city was able to efficiently use the space in a beautiful way.

The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission revealed that it will be opening a larger tiny home unit in Alexandria Park, Los Angeles this April. This new community will have 103 homes and 200 beds.

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