Bitcoin booming is good for Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) upcoming listing

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Bitcoin booming is good for Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) upcoming listing according to industry experts

Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) claims to be…

“Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) is designed to still do that, but is a faster and updated payment system. It was also created to help defeat mainstream media by supporting an independent alternative and conservative news sites. In doing so, exposing the truth about the criminal cabal that’s using mainstream media to deceive and mislead the public. Bitcoin started the revolution to expose the greedy central bankers after the GFC. Now Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) will finish it by ensuring the masses get access to the truth by supporting the growth of much-needed independent media to destroy the stranglehold mainstream media has had over the world. The team consists of successful early-stage bitcoin investors looking for the next up and coming Cryptocurrency and a development team that’s helped develop several other Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) is similar to Bitcoin with some subtle and simple yet important differences. Firstly if Bitcoin was starting out now it would most likely use the superior Ethereum network that Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) has used.”

It’s listing May 26th on some smaller Uk exchanges in preparedness for a listing on larger exchanges after the start of the nee Financial year.

One industry insider said “Considering Dogecoin which has no use value has a market cap of $10 billion, if Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) which has plenty of use value in comparison and is backed by advertising credits (a real currency for business owners) it would have to rise from its $0.20 cent list price ($40 million USD market cap  to $50per coin.

GJYJust based on this, the chance of it achieving significant increases in its value if it only achieved “ dogecoin “ valuation is real.
Even 10% of that valuation would see early purchases see it go as high as $5 from a low $0.20 cent list price said the industry insider.

“Many early purchasers are getting it via numerous media partner sites for as little as $ 0.02 cents effectively so one can see the uplift is enormous” he went on to say.

Time will tell as many new crypto’s are flops but with the market hot then it’s timing couldn’t be better

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