A source reported on the assignment of a Russian submarine missing from NATO radars

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The submarine of the Black Sea Fleet “Rostov-on-Don” passed the Strait of Gibraltar submerged and is currently moving to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. This was reported by a source close to the fleet.

“In the Mediterranean Squadron, it will replace the same-type submarine,” TASS quoted him as saying.

Earlier it was reported that a diesel-electric submarine of the Varshavyanka project managed to deceive NATO anti-submarine forces and has been avoiding detection for more than a week. “NATO anti-submarine forces have been trying for a week to find the Rostov-on-Don submarine in the Mediterranean Sea. Attempts to find her were unsuccessful. They used large forces to search for the Russian submarine but to no avail. This means that in conditions of hostilities they are at gunpoint, which annoys them very much,” a source in the Russian navy said.

The submarine “Rostov-on-Don” has great capabilities to collect classified information, so its disappearance greatly irritates the NATO command.

Rostov-on-Don is a Russian Project 636.3 Varshavyanka diesel-electric submarine. It is part of the 4th separate submarine brigade of the Black Sea Fleet and is the carrier of the Kalibr cruise missiles. In December 2015, it launched missile strikes from the Mediterranean Sea on militia’s posts in Syria.

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