When the Rule of Law Fails – Civilization Follows


By Martin Armstrong

Smither Jack Prosecutor

There is rising speculation over whether prosecutors in Donald Trump’s classified documents case, Jack Smith, will attempt to have presiding Judge Aileen Cannon recused (removed) from the trial after she granted the defense access to certain unredacted classified papers. Smith wants to deny Trump any knowledge of who will testify against him. This is typical of an unethical prosecutor who manipulates judges and courts to ensure they always win and keep the highest conviction rate in the world, along with the 500% greater chance you will go to prison in the USA rather than China.

TR Docket Sealed

In my case, after Republic National Bank pled guilty with a deal to return all the money they stole and make all my clients whole with the promise nobody in the bank would ever go to prison, as always in New York, I filed a motion before Judge McKenna which was to compel the government to explain what were the charges since in a reverse proffer session they finally admitted I stole no money. I represented myself because they had taken my lawyers away with another parallel civil court. I filed this motion to compel the government to explain just the theory of the case. They argued this was a pro se brief, and the court could not expect them to answer because I did not know the law to defend myself. I then moved to dismiss the case since if I did not know the law to defend myself; then I could not have knowingly violated the law. Judge McKenna smiled and asked the government if they would not answer my motion now.

Republic Pays 606 WSJ

Since they had no answer, they went to the Chief Judge, had my case removed from Judge McKenna, and reassigned it to Judge Keenan, who instantly denied that motion. This is how these prosecutors act. The Constitution, law, due process, nothing matters to them. They MUST retain their perfect conviction rate. Jack Smith is now widely expected to pull the same maneuver. We will see if the Florida Federal Court is as corrupt as New York. Just for the record, they should have made a motion to recuse before Judge McKenna, to which I should have had the due process right to object. That was denied by the back-room deal with the Chief Judge, and then, as you can see, they sealed the records, so I cannot even see how they removed the judge.

FT June 27 1998 Rouble

Judge Keenan, a former prosecutor, should also have had a hearing to allow me to object to this back-room deal – he did not.  The bankers told the government I had to be shut down because they were losing money in their manipulations. I had forecast that Russia would collapse in June 1998 within about 30 days. That was the collapse of the Long-Term Capital Management.

NYT Soros_s_Quantum_Fund_lost 2 billion

Even Edmond Safra, the owner of Republic National Bank, lost over $1 billion, so I believe he stole the funds from me and told the government he had no idea where the money was. All you had to do was go down the list of all the big players who lost billions, for they assumed if they ganged up together, they could manipulate the world. Just look at who had all loses on the same trade, and that is the evidence that they are “the club,” as I call it; they do not compete against each other but join together. If they were manufacturing cars, they would be charged under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act statutes and broken up like AT&T, etc.

When I asked a NY Lawyer why bankers are never charged? He said: “You don’t shit where you eat.“The prosecutors were so bought that no rational person would ever believe $1 billion left a bank, and they had no idea where it was. There would be a wire transfer, a check written – something! There was nothing. They could not be that stupid. This was all about shutting down my First Amendment rights and stopping the forecasting.

Keenan John

It became obvious when Judge Keenan dared to publicly claim I stole the idea for the ECM from the 1998 Movie Pi. They could care less about even facts when they alleged I was dealing in Japan back in 1992. I suppose I used a time machine as well. It was the forecasting they were desperately trying to discredit at all costs to support the bankers manipulating the markets and blowing up the world economy every time.

Keenan 4 10 07 Movie Pi

The Southern District of NY court is beyond all hope – it’s too corrupt. Judges commit felonies all the time, and they alter the transcripts, changing the very words spoken in court. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals dared to claim they lacked the power to order judges to obey the law – see US v ZICHETTELLO id/97. I argued since time means nothing and they can change the words spoken in court, they might as well say I confessed to killing JFK while they were at it and just order the death penalty since trials are a nuisance anyway. Stalin executed Kondratieff because he said there was a cycle and communism would collapse as well. He was taken from court when they ran out of reasons to imprison him and just shot him in the parking lot.

Trump does not stand a chance of winning in New York City. I have never seen the courts there EVER provide a fair trial to anyone! There is a higher probability that it will snow in Hell before Trump ever gets a fair trial in New York City. We are NOW about to see if the Florida courts are as corrupt as New York. Jack Smith will try a backroom deal and say the President needs this. Tuesday, Judge Cannon ruled in favor of Trump, stating the filing from Jack Smith:

fails to identify the information at issue, provide any explanation about the nature of the investigation, or explain how disclosure of the code name would prejudice or jeopardize the integrity of the separate investigation (assuming it remains ongoing).

With each passing day, this corruption is becoming so bad that the only solution becomes separation of the United States, particularly in light of the Biden Administration seeking a total dictatorship over Texas, tearing up the constitution and nullifying all State’s rights, which the Founding Fathers swore that day would NEVER come – see Federalist #46.

Without the Rule of Law – Civilization Cannot Exist.

The worst kid you ever knew in high school becomes a prosecutor.

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