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By Wayne Allyn Root

President Trump and Team Trump, I hope you’re listening. Something is very wrong.

I smell a trap.

Democrats want Biden to debate? Are you kidding me? He’s clearly a brain-dead puppet with dementia and diapers. The man doesn’t know where he is most of the time…or what decade it is…or what he’s signing. He doesn’t know the names of the national media at his press conferences- he needs charts with their names on their seats.

But suddenly he wants to debate? In June? Trust me, it’s a trap.

There are a myriad of possibilities why Democrats want this….

First of all, President Trump, do not agree to a debate without drug testing Biden. He cannot stay lucid for 90 minutes without state-of-the-art drugs. Don’t debate him unless he agrees to a drug test immediately preceding the debate, with independent doctors.

Second, Biden will absolutely use an electronic listening device in his ear. Biden has no ability to answer questions on the fly. The man reads the words “period” and “end of sentence” on his teleprompter. How can he answer questions on the fly…or debate you? He can’t.

I guarantee you, Biden’s team will be giving him the answers in his ear. Don’t debate him, unless he agrees to no electronic listening devices, and agrees to be searched on the stage.

Third, Democrats cheat. They rig debates just like they rig elections. All the questions will be given to Biden days before the event- just like Democrats already did with Hillary before her debate with Bernie Sanders. Your team must come up with a way to ensure no one sees the questions in advance. Lie detector tests?

Fourth, why would you agree to debate on only biased liberal TV networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC? There are 2 debates. One can be on a liberal network, one can be on a conservative network.

Why would you ever agree to play two “away games?”

Fifth, you need fair moderators. Would the Biden campaign allow me as the moderator of the debates? Why not? I’m an Ivy League grad who has been in the media my entire adult life. I’ve hosted shows on major networks for 35 years. But they’d say “Wayne is biased. He’s an America-First, MAGA, conservative, Trump warrior.”

Yet every media member they pick will be a biased, liberal, Deep State, DC Swamp, Trump-hater with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If they can have a Trump-hater as moderator, why can’t you demand one moderator at each debate of your choice? Each side gets a draft pick!

Pick me, Mr. President. I volunteer to moderate, representing Real America’s Voice TV.

Lastly, here is the real trap. Why June?

I know of no presidential debate in history ever held in June. Why so early? This is bizarre. Something is rancid. Hinkey. FUBAR.

I know Obama like no one on earth. Obama is running the show, and calling all the shots. He is the real President, for all intents and purposes.

If I’m Obama, I’m replacing Joe Biden at the convention in August. I’m betting Michelle Obama is the choice- which is why the Democrat convention is in Chicago in the first place. They planned this all along. Why Chicago? Why would anyone have a convention in a state you are already guaranteed to win? It makes no sense. You always pick a battleground state that is up for grabs. Hence, Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the GOP convention.

So why Chicago? Illinois is a 100% blue state. But if Joe Biden is stepping down at the convention “for the good of the nation”…and giving a tearful farewell speech…and then introduces Michelle Obama as his replacement…the 100% born and bred Chicago girl…and the city goes wild with delight that a native daughter…”another Obama from Chicago”…is the nominee…the publicity, promotion, excitement and branding is worth billions of dollars…and could propel “celebrity Michelle” to victory.

It’s certainly worth a shot. Because Democrats know with Biden as the nominee, they have no chance to beat Trump. What do they have to lose? Might as well take a shot with Michelle.

And that could also be THE reason for a June debate.

By August, Biden will be long gone. Trump will have wasted his breath attacking a man who is no longer his opponent. All Trump’s arguments against Biden on June 27th are useless by the second debate in September.

But Democrats have now seen a “sneak preview” of Trump’s arguments. They have the advantage. Now Michelle (who has never debated in her life), has seen his debate style, and knows all of Trump’s arguments.

Better yet, Michelle is nothing but a celebrity candidate with no record, and no policies to defend.

And Trump has already agreed to only one more debate in September. Michelle only has to risk a single debate. What a lucky break for her!

Meanwhile “celebrity Michelle” even if she loses the September debate, spends the rest of the campaign smiling, kissing babies and accepting wild applause from record-sized crowds of adoring feminists, children and radical communist agitators, who see her as their Marxist hero and the first female president.

She has none of Biden’s baggage. She has no record to defend, she never mentions any policy details. Her debate loss in September is long forgotten.

This debate in June is the tip-off. Something is very wrong.

But no matter what Mr. President, if you only listen to one piece of my advice…

Refuse to debate, unless Biden agrees to be drug tested.

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